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Have you ever Googled Ali Hazelwood? It’s fabulous when the first things that describe her are Italian author and neuroscientist. But before you start jumping to any conclusions, Ali is as down-to-earth as they come. Just take a peek at how this NYT bestselling author describes herself on her website!

“I’m originally from Italy, lived in Japan and Germany, and eventually moved to the US to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I recently became a professor, which absolutely terrifies me. When I’m not at work, you can find me binge-watching shows with my three feline overlords (and my slightly less feline husband), running, or eating candy.”

Apparently, she also loves Nutella, side ponytails, and even crochets. She definitely is our kind of woman! Ali has now left academia to follow a full-time career in writing, and we are so pleased she has. We love how effortlessly she blends science and academia with heartwarming love stories. You can’t beat a beautifully written romance, especially Ali’s, with her compelling characters and unique voice.

There is something about living vicariously through the pages of our favorite romance novels. Come on, we all love a great romance—the trials, the tribulations, the tears, those “nooooo” moments, and those times when you literally jump for joy, shouting out “I knew it!”

As you know, we at Once Upon a Book Club love Ali Hazelwood’s contemporary rom-com novels and have featured two of her novels in our exciting subscription book boxes. 

Ali Hazelwood’s Literary Career

She first bounced into the bookish world with her debut novel, The Love Hypothesis in September 2021. This charming book quickly captured everyone’s hearts and spent over 40 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. 

Following the incredible success of The Love Hypothesis, she released her second full-length novel, Love on the Brain, in 2022, along with three fabulous novellas: Under One Roof, Stuck with You, and Below Zero.

She is a powerhouse and doesn’t seem to know how to slow down! In 2023, she compiled her novellas into a collection titled Loathe to Love You. And if that wasn’t enough, she then added her third adult novel, Love, Theoretically, to the mix. But as they say in the ads, “Wait, there’s more!” Ali has also dipped her toes into young adult fiction with her book Check & Mate.

We’re also very excited that Ali has ventured into some new territory this year with the release of a paranormal romance called Bride. And yes, with Ali, there is always something on the horizon, and we are all waiting in anticipation for her seventh book, Not in Love, which is set to hit the shelves in June 2024.

Our Favorite Ali Hazelwood Books

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The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis is perhaps one of her most popular books, and for good reason. This delightful novel follows Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. candidate who finds herself entangled in a fake-dating scenario with none other than Dr. Adam Carlsen, a young hotshot professor notorious for his grumpy demeanor. 

What starts as a mutually beneficial arrangement quickly turns into something much more real as Olive and Adam discover the profound connection they share. We loved her witty prose and insights into the world of academia making this book an absolute gem, full of humor, heart, and swoon-worthy moments.

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Love, Theoretically

In Love,Theoretically, we enter the life of theoretical physicist Elsie Hannaway, whose numerous roles have finally caught up with her. By day, she's an adjunct professor, grading labs and teaching thermodynamics with the hope of securing tenure. By night, Elsie supplements her income by working as a fake girlfriend, using her finely-tuned people-pleasing skills to become whoever her clients need.

This arrangement works perfectly—until her meticulously managed life falls apart. Jack Smith, the irresistibly attractive and brooding older brother of her favorite client, is the same cold-hearted experimental physicist who destroyed her mentor's career and damaged the reputation of theorists. Worse still, Jack is now on the hiring committee at MIT, standing between Elsie and her dream job.

Elsie braces for a fierce academic battle, but she’s caught off guard by Jack’s intense, lingering looks and the freedom to be her true self around him. Could being drawn into an experimentalist's world make her reconsider her closely guarded theories on love?


Bride takes you into the world of werewolves and vampires and is one of those books you simply can’t put down. In this gripping paranormal romance, a dangerous alliance between a Vampire bride and an Alpha Werewolf ignites a love story to remember. 

Misery Lark, the outcast daughter of a powerful Vampire councilman, is forced to leave her life among humans to uphold a fragile peace treaty with their enemies, the Weres. Surrendering herself to the fierce Alpha, Lowe Moreland, Misery finds herself in a world where ruthlessness reigns, and trust is scarce. 

Misery has her own reasons for agreeing to this marriage of convenience and is willing to do everything she can to take back what is hers.

A book subscription box showcasing 'Check & Mate' by Ali Hazelwood, surrounded by themed gifts and packaging related to the book.


Check and Mate

In Check and Mate, we get to meet Mallory Greenleaf, a brilliant chess prodigy who has always played it safe in life, much like her moves on the chessboard. Enter Nolan Sawyer: a fellow chess player with a mysterious past and an unconventional approach to the game. What woman doesn’t love a bit of mystery?

As their paths cross in a high-stakes tournament, sparks fly both on and off the board. We loved her complex but relatable characters, especially watching them navigate the intricacies of love and strategy.

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And that's a wrap on Ali Hazelwood. We happen to think that if a neuroscientist and professor write a book we’re reading, it can’t be considered pure fiction. There is definitely an element of intellectual education that makes us the smartest romantics around!

Happy reading from all of us at Once Upon a Book Club. We would love to hear which of Ali’s novels are your favorites!

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