A wooden-covered Book Recipe Book sits on a white marble counter. It is surrounded by greenery, a wooden cutting board, a set of measuring spoons, a whisk, and a wooden spoon.

Once Upon a Book Club

Bookish Kitchen Collection

Bring your love of reading into your kitchen with the perfect combination of useful and unique kitchenwares!


    About our Bookish Kitchen Collection

    We know you would probably rather be reading than cooking, which is why we have the perfect solution to bring you the best of both worlds! Well, perhaps not the cooking, but definitely the entering the kitchen part for those important wine glasses or teacups. Our bookish kitchen collection can get even the most avid reader off the couch for a moment.
    Let’s start off with that much-needed glass of wine! Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we have the ultimate bookish collection for that glass-of-wine-while-you-read moment. Our metal wine chiller will perfectly insulate your bottle of wine so that you don’t have to make any unnecessary trips to the fridge. And while you are at it, you may as well order our super stylish stemless wine glass with the words “What Are Books Without Wine?” printed on it. It goes incredibly well on one of those exotic agate geode slice coasters with gold edging.
    But we aren’t all about wine, and our tea sets are guaranteed to take your cup of tea to a whole new level. Our Souls of the Sea tea set is perfect for two, and these elegant bamboo carved cups are great to use or display. We all have those days when we need to escape to our rooms and imagine we are somewhere else. The perfect companion for those moments is our Mythical Sea Curse ceramic and wood travel tea set. We love how the components fit into each other – one teapot, one tea strainer, one lid, and two small tea cups. What more do you need other than one of our exciting books?
    But our bookish collection doesn’t end there; make sure to have a look at our mugs, sushi plates, cupcake liners, and a whole lot more. Light up your day the Once Upon a Book Club way!