What is a BookTok and How to Start One?

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It may seem like TikTok is all about people dancing, making goofy faces, and sporting the latest filter and special effects while they sing. While this is the truth for many TikTok users, it is fortunately not the case for every platform user.

There is a phenomenon called BookTok now and it is a niche for users to be able to discuss their favorite books. It has become such a success that even authors are jumping in to discuss any books they have in store for the near future.

The #BookTok Hashtag

If you go online right now and search for this hashtag, you will find that there are over 29.1 billion views for content related to the recommendation, review, and reading of books. That is definitely a number that no one should ever consider a small thing.

This means that the biggest retailers in the book industry are setting their sights on this TikTok phenomenon. Given that TikTok videos allow people to express themselves in many ways. This has also created a much more powerful way for them to engage their audience.

The most relevant aspect of this is that a large number of people are involved in this business now. Not only avid readers from every corner of the world but also many authors. They are usually looking to find feedback on their latest work.

How Do You Set Up a BookTok?

Now that you have an idea of what a BookTok is, you can start the process of making an account. It is important that you edit your profile to reflect your love for books and if you are an author or a passionate reader.

One thing that is important to note is that you won’t be able to link anything external on your profile bio until you have reached 1K followers. The good news is that you can gain access to that feature by creating a business account.

Make an Introductory Video

Before you start interacting with other BookTokers, you should make an introductory video that showcases the 101 on what you like. Let people know the kind of books you like and if you are a writer or just someone passionate about reading.

This kind of video is always good because it gives people a quick rundown of the reasons why they should follow you. You should take your time and make this initial video production look good.

It is common for TikTok videos to be of low quality in terms of production. That said, the better the video looks, the more seriously people will take you. This is something to consider at all times. Fortunately, most smartphones in modern times have decent-quality videos. Regardless, paying attention to lighting and audio quality is always good.

Avoid Interacting with Anything Other Than Book-Related Content

If you wish to make your TikTok a personalized community, you need to avoid interacting with content unrelated to books. Every time you like a video or comment on a clip, the algorithm considers this.

What this means is that your TikTok feed could start to get recommendations that do not align with the book content. You need to be interacting with book lovers, amateur, and professional authors, etc. This is the best way to ensure that your feed always contains material related to books.

Do your best to stay relevant within the community by commenting on other BookToker videos. This is going to make it easier for you to engage that audience and have a genuine connection with them. Keep in mind that anyone who joins and seems to be looking for exposure only is quickly spotted and not likely to be followed by many people.

Once Upon a Book Club Offers the Perfect Place for You to Find the Best Literary Experiences

We are always ready to help you maintain the best possible relationship with literature. We are also here if you have lost your way and need to rekindle that passion for reading. Once Upon a Book Club is your connection to the miraculous act of traditional reading.

Everything that we are today, we owe to reading and learning. Technology may take us further away from tradition in many ways, but never from the power of words written on paper. This is an undeniable truth for those of us who are lucky enough to have discovered our love for reading.

You can visit our website and check our selection of subscription options. Every single one offers a truly unique experience for the reader month by month. We work tirelessly to ensure that only the best reading material makes its way into our boxes.

We are Always Here for You

This is a book club that is there for you when you need the power of words to give your mind a boost of knowledge and emotion. Our goal is to be the ultimate provider of excellent material that will help enhance every aspect of your life.

We want to wrap this up with the words of the great Stephen King “Books are a uniquely portable magic." We want to be there for you to help you experience that magic with us.

Final Thoughts

Opening your own BookTok and becoming part of a large community of book lovers is great. This is an amazing way to share your experience with books that you get from your Book Box subscription.


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