Read The Printed Book - There's Benefits! Benefits of Reading Print Over Digital

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The digital age has engulfed all of us in ways we never thought possible. We have become entangled with technology and we spend way too much time in the digital realm. Ok, we may be starting to sound old-fashioned, but in a way, you know this is true.

If there is one element of the old ways of life that we need to maintain, it has to be books. There will never be a substitute for a good book. There is no movie, no TV show, or eBooks with colorful graphics that could top the experience of traditional reading.

Today, we are going to provide some powerful benefits of reading print over digital. Keep in mind that there are many reasons, but we are listing the most compelling ones. This will give you a good idea of the reasons why it is important to maintain this essential habit.

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You Will See An Improvement In Your Brain Function

Your memory and your overall mental flexibility are both greatly improved when you read a book. There is a very positive impact on your brain function and the more you read, the more likely it is that you will see those benefits. Think of reading as lifting weights with your mind. The more you lift, the more it grows.

You Will Have An Easier Time Dealing With Stress And Anxiety

Both stress and anxiety are very common problems that people have in life. It is rare for someone to say they are stress-free if they live in the modern world. With that said, there is substantial evidence that reading a printed book allows the body and mind to relax. The release of cortisol is also much lower.

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You Will Have An Easier Time Catching Those Elusive Z’s

If you feel that sleeping at night has become a daily struggle, you should consider picking up a book. You will find that this is a very relaxing process and it will help you fall asleep faster if you had a busy day. Some people try to meditate, others drink some tea, but we suggest an even more powerful approach- just read a book!

You Will Strengthen Your Creative MindWhen someone reads printed text, they are more likely to use their creative mind to imagine the world and characters they are reading about. This is a great way for people to learn how to unleash the power of their imagination in ways that they never even thought possible. 

Every Age Group Benefits From Reading Print

Now that we have mentioned the core benefits of reading print books, we can go into detail on the benefits that this offers to children. It is essential to remember that the younger a child becomes familiar with the habit of reading, the better.

Benefits For Children

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Reading Print Improves Their Literacy Skills

When you read aloud to children and then have them read content on their own is great to help them improve their literacy skills. This is also going to have a powerful long term effect on their studies.

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It Allows Them To Improve Their Emotional Intelligence

Reading stories to kids is the first way for them to experience certain emotions. This is great for the purpose of helping them strengthen their emotional intelligence. This is something that will prove to be crucial for their interactions with others for the rest of their lives.

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It Upgrades Their Academic Performance

When a kid develops an interest in reading, the results usually translate to better academic performance. This is also extremely important for children as it will be helpful in their journey through school.

The Benefits For Seniors

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A Slower Decline In Their Cognitive Skills

When we start to age, we also start to experience a decline in our cognitive skills. Studies even show that there is a 32% lower risk of dementia if seniors read books on a frequent basis. This is the reason why it is recommended for seniors to read at least one book per week.

A Stronger Sense Of Self-Worth

When a senior read books on all kinds of subjects, it is more likely that they will feel purposeful and happy with their lives. Reading has always been a great way for people to feel meaningful and this is even more relevant when we reach our senior years.

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Lower Chances Of Depression

Once we start to age and we see ourselves in the final chapter of our lives, it is easier to start falling into depression. Stress and anxiety are more common issues for younger adults, but depression seems to be at an all-time high for seniors. Reading can be a great way to deal with the depression that is often caused by a feeling of no longer being purposeful. 

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Printed Books Can Be Displayed And They Are Real Possessions

If you know someone who owns a library of kindle eBooks, they don’t really own any books unless they are using a computer device. When you own a traditional book, you can place it on a shelf, you can sell it, or can donate it to a cause.

This is a very compelling reason why printed books are better than digital books. When you have a large collection of books, this is a valuable asset. This is something that cannot be said about their digital version. 

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Final Thoughts On The Benefits Of Reading Printed Books

There is no doubt that printed books are always going to be the best way for someone to read. It doesn’t matter how much technology helps us read comfortably through the use of all kinds of devices. Reading print is always going to provide something magical that we cannot obtain from any other method of reading. 



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