11 Unforgettable Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers This Holiday Season



Greetings, cherished bookworms and holiday enthusiasts! As the gifting season unfolds, we warmly welcome you to the whimsical world of Once Upon a Book Club. Here, the tradition of gifting takes a delightful turn, mingling with the rustle of book pages amidst the holiday cheer.

Our whimsical realm is brimming with eleven charming bookish items, each ready to find a spot under the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree.

Together, we'll explore a curated list of literary gifts, unveiling a season filled with narrative charm and the joy of thoughtful giving. So, with a festive heart and a book-loving spirit, let's delve into a list that promises a touch of magic with every gift!

#1 Enchanting Tote and Book


bookish bags


Ah, the "Write Your Own Story - Tote and Book" set, a charming duo to ignite your loved ones' imaginations. The sturdy tote, adorned with Jane Austen's wise words, is a ready companion for their literary dreams.

Inside lies a paperback copy of Murder at Mallowan Hall by Coleen Cambridge, covered in a fake dust jacket to look like the book the character bought at the bookstore in the story. It's more than a gift; it's an invitation to a world awaiting their narrative touch.

#2 Sip of Stories: The Bibliophile's Wine Glass


The Bibliophile's Wine Glass

Behold the playful charm of this stemless wine glass, cheekily inscribed with, "What Are Books Without Wine?" A whimsical nod to the age-old camaraderie between a good read and a fine sip.

With each gentle sip, let the tales on the pages waltz with the wine's swirl. Though it prefers a tender hand wash, the delightful toasts it promises are surely worth the tender care.

It's not just a glass but a companion for those cozy reading nights.

#3 Illuminating Talebearer: The Book Light


bookish gifts for the holidays- The Book Light


The "You May Say I'm A Dreamer" - Illuminating Talebearer, a trusty companion for the night owl reader. Its magnetic exterior gracefully unveils on a metal surface, casting a soft glow creating a serene haven for midnight musings.

With a Micro USB charger included, this glowing companion ensures your journey through words sails smoothly into the night. Though its pages hold a steady hue, the light it casts spins magic, making every reading moment a whimsical affair.

#4 Whisper Fears - Enigmatic Sun Hat


Enigmatic Sun Hat


Behold the "Whispered Fears - Sun Hat," a blush muse poised to grace your sun-soaked adventures. Stitched with the playful secret, "Shh...I'm Solving a Mystery," in fine black thread, it's not merely a hat—it's the prologue to a day filled with an enigma.

Adorned with a tasteful black ribbon, it's the perfect tête-à-tête for a day of unraveling mysteries amidst the town's daily stir. A whimsical accessory that whispers of tales yet to be solved as you step out into the day's unfolding narrative.

#5 Literary Chronicle - The Cupcake Connection Reading Poster


The Cupcake Connection Reading Poster


Behold the "Cupcake Connection Reading Poster," a 12x18 paper poster print awaiting your literary escapades' imprint. As you traverse books, each spine on this quaint shelf cradles the titles of tales devoured.

Color them with hues mirroring the covers or let imagination paint them. This poster transforms into a charming haven where reading adventures become a vibrant visual diary, adding a quaint touch to your literary journey.

#6 Leather Bookmark - Write Your Own Story


Leather Bookmark


Behold the "Write Your Own Story - Leather Bookmark," a tender blue guardian for your literary journeys. Embossed with "Read Between the Lines," it nudges the unfolding adventures within pages.

The hanging tassels gently mark your journey's pause, awaiting your return. A subtle companion in your quest for stories, it's a soft whisper to the endless tales that lie in wait.

#7 Bookish Affordable Timekeeper - The Romanov Princess Wall Clock


The Romanov Princess Wall Clock


Step into a realm where time spins tales with the "Romanov Princess Wall Clock." Carved from wood with laser precision, it embraces the poetic phrase "Objects are stories in physical form" from Kathryn Williams' The Storyteller.

A 10" homage to the blend of time and tale, needing just a single AA battery to narrate stories with each tick. A unique, affordable, bookish embellishment for your dwelling, where every hour unfolds a narrative.

#8 Bookish Serenity - The Travel Yoga Mat


The Travel Yoga Mat


Embark on a serene expedition with the "Travel Yoga Mat." Nestled in a chic case, this baby pink sanctuary unfolds into a soft expanse, ready for your tranquil moments. Folding neatly into a thin square, it's effortless to carry along.

Adorned with illustrations of women delving into books and yoga, it's a visual homage to tranquility and literary love, making it the ideal mat for the bookworm with a yen for serene stretches amidst travels.

#9 Literary Entry - The Narrative Welcome Mat


The Narrative Welcome Mat


Step into the realm of a bookworm with the delightful "Narrative Welcome Mat," intricately printed with the whimsical phrase "Come Back with Books."

Fashioned from robust jute with a charm of black thread, this mat is more than a greeting—it's an ode to literary love. Recommended for indoor use, it’s the perfect blend of durability and a bookish welcome, ready to grace the threshold of a bibliophile's haven.

#10: Timeless Tale Adorned - The Jane Eyre Ceramic Book Ornament


The Jane Eyre Ceramic Book Ornament


Celebrate the holiday season in literary style with our Day 8 Advent Gift from the 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas 2021 - a captivating ceramic book ornament inspired by Jane Eyre.

This quaint trinket, bearing the essence of Bronte's masterpiece, is poised to infuse narrative charm into your festive decor, weaving classic literature with holiday cheer, making each glance towards the tree a nostalgic journey through the pages of a beloved classic.

#11: Shade of Solitude - The Bibliophile's Car Sun Shade


The Bibliophile's Car Sun Shade


Discover a quaint retreat with our Day 6 Advent Gift from the 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas 2021 - a whimsical car sun shade. Adorned with the signature script "Shh...I'm Reading," this universal shade not only shields against the sun but invites a moment of literary serenity amidst the bustle.

A fitting accessory for vehicles, intertwining practicality with a book lover's whimsy, it's a gentle nod to the tranquil allure of reading even amidst daily commutes.


Each curated item in this list is more than just a gift; it's a gateway to whimsical adventures and literary enchantment. As the festive veil descends, may these chosen treasures script delightful chapters in the lives of your cherished ones.

Until our next whimsical rendezvous, dear readers, may tales of joy and imagination color your days!

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