The Adult Hint: Mystery at the Grand Hotel

mystery at the grand hotel

The Adult Hint: Mystery at the Grand Hotel

There is nothing like a great mystery to keep you reading until the early hours of the morning, and this is simply one you can't afford to miss. This suspense-filled haunting story comes to you from the author of the Detective Cancini mystery series and will have you captivated until the very end.

This mystery is set in a Baltimore hotel famous for its history of deaths, all of which occur in a single room on the 13th floor. Unlucky number 13 has a way of making itself known. But when a reporter's sister is found dead, and police suspect suicide, she joins forces with a detective to prove them wrong.

However, all is not what it seems, and the detective definitely knows far more than he is letting on about her sister, the hotel, and its history of death. Her determination to uncover the truth will take her far more than she ever anticipated.

This nail-biting novel cleverly intertwines the past and the present as you discover the hidden mysteries surrounding this gruesome and grisly hotel. How far will one woman go to uncover the sinister shroud permeating her sister's death?

How far would you go?

Why do we love a great mystery?

Murder mysteries are all about questions - they make us think, analyze, and deduce, and in our minds, we have become part of the detective team.

Mysteries have a way of inserting their audience into the story; we become intimately involved as we try to solve the puzzle and catch the killer before they are revealed.

We need to understand the identity of the victim - who they were and what they were doing. We need to understand their history. And then we have the potential suspects who cause us to speculate, and just when we think we have figured it out, there is always that part in the back of our minds telling us it's too obvious.

As we try to discover who the murderer is and what motivated them to commit a crime, we catch a glimpse into a world far removed from our own; we catch insights into the psyche of people we pray we never meet.

Who should be reading this novel?

This is definitely for the over-18s and not for the faint-hearted or those of you who startle at the sound of a creaking door or eerie shadows.

This gripping novel will have you reeling from the suspense, and the tension will have your chest tightening as you hold your breath, deciding whether or not to turn the page.

At Once Upon A Book Club, we believe in bringing books to life – it's all about the experience. So get ready to be transported into a world of mystery where nothing is what it seems.

Is there anything about the novel that could trigger any sort of unpleasant feelings?

We understand that triggers can be a very personal experience, and we acknowledge that there may be other triggering content that is not covered below.

We hope to give you as much information as possible by advising that this book contains graphic depictions of domestic abuse and themes of suicide. It also contains minor descriptions of cheating, murder, miscarriage, and sexual assault.

If any of the above may be triggering for you to read about and you would like to skip/switch your box this month, please email our customer service team by clicking here, and someone will assist in ensuring your subscription is adjusted accordingly.

Final thoughts on adult hint: Mystery at the Grand Hotel 

She wanted the truth. She should have known better.

A true mystery will grab you as you become part of the team reaching your own conclusions, trusting your intuition, and just when you think you have it figured out, an unexpected twist will send you back to the drawing board.

Besides being full of mystery, this month's exciting book box is packed with our unbeatable unique features, including a custom-designed dust jacket, a beautifully foiled hard case, and page edges, as well as themed endpapers.

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