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We are so pleased to share our November Adult hint, Guided by Flames! 🔥

November is coming in hot with a very engaging murder mystery novel that will pique your curiosity at every turn of the page. This is the type of book suggestion that we always feel proud of giving to club members.

When forces threaten her family, her tribe, and the land of her ancestors, a Kiowa woman must confront old grudges and tribal traditions. Outside influences have always threatened the Kiowa way of life, but now they are colliding with everything she knows and loves. This debut novel is perfect for fans of Winter Counts. Check out The Washington Post on Winter Counts.

More Hints: Culture and tradition are a powerful force

We are living in times when we seem to be losing sight of tradition in favor of a more culturally globalized way of life. While it is up to everyone to choose the way they view and interpret tradition and culture, it is always good to view the world from this perspective. The perspective of an individual that has deep roots and beliefs. She decided to leave her people to pursue a life in the modern world, but her roots remain strong.

The protagonist wishes to stay true to her heritage but is forced to engage in very dangerous and often dramatic encounters with outsiders. This is a very demanding story that requires your full attention. With delightful twists and very emotional occurrences that remind you of the reasons why reading is such a magical activity.

Be sure to grab enough snacks and beverages for this journey. You will find that the more you learn about the fate of this courageous woman, the harder it will be to put the book down.

A strong and passionate book is always a fun experience

Some people disregard novels as simple stories that have little value to the reader. The reality is that a good novel has always been a powerful way to provoke the human mind into thinking. A novel should never be dismissed as simple entertainment. This month's hint "Guided by Flames", meets all the requirements of a thought-provoking experience.

You get to feel the emotional rollercoaster from the solitude of your cherished davenport, but you will also find yourself learning from the experience. This is the kind of novel that truly makes reading an incredible treat.

Who should be reading this novel?

This book is for adult, 18+, that enjoys a good novel that takes them on a powerful emotional ride. One that brings in elements of crime, passion, cultural disputes, and a protagonist torn between two worlds. The intensity flows with highs and lows to give you small breaks only to push you back into highly emotional states.

When you receive your book box, remember you are not just reading a book with a strong and engaging plot; you are entering this woman’s world and putting yourself in her shoes.

This is the type of reading material that you can always expect us to bring to your doorstep. Every box that we offer contains this level of quality. That is the reason why our book club  is in a league of its own. We take pride in our efforts to bring the best material to you with every delivery.

Is there anything about the novel that could trigger any sort of unpleasant feelings?

When we provide a selection of hand-picked adult novels, we also want to ensure you will find nothing unpleasant without warning. This month's book box has literary inclusions of moderate racism, colonialism, and descriptions of murder.

These are all common topics in certain types of novels. If any of the above may be triggering for you to read about and you would like to skip/switch your box this month, please email our customer service team by clicking here and someone will assist in ensuring your subscription is adjusted accordingly.

This is the reason why we like having these hints available to our readers. There are rarely any requests for changes. With that said, we also like to ensure that you can have a good idea of what is in store for the coming month.0

Final thoughts on adult hint: Guided by Flames

One of the most powerful ways for a writer to create a novel is to encourage the reader to think and not just experience. This novel is going to keep you extremely engaged, not only due to emotional content, but it will also encourage you to think about specific aspects of life. You are likely to find new things to think about that you hadn't considered before. The best novels make you think about the world in a different way, and this one is sure to do that.


Boxes containing this book will ship by the end of November!

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