Take a Peek at Our August 2023 Hints, featuring a Historical Journey and a Cruise Ship Thriller!

We are so excited to share our August 2023 hints featuring two incredible book selections and our first ever Young Adult Experience Edition! These boxes are only on sale through August 14, 2023 or until we sell out, so don't wait!
A lush, green garden full of vines with a wooden archway in the center of the image in the middle of a garden path. In the middle of the image are the words Within the Garden Walls. In the lower left hand corner are the words Adult Hint.


We are so excited to present our August Adult hint - Within the Garden Walls! 🥭⁠

One night. Four friends. Countless secrets.⁠

1964. Karachi, Pakistan. She'll lose her home—her parents' safe haven since fleeing India and the terrors of Partition—if her medical career doesn't take off soon. But success may come with an unexpected price. Meanwhile the interwoven lives of her childhood best friends seem to be unraveling with each passing day. Then one fateful night, someone ends up dead and the life they once took for granted shatters!⁠

2019. A woman receives a call from a voice she never thought she’d hear again. What begins as a request to look after a friend’s teenaged granddaughter struggling with her own demons grows into an unconventional friendship—one that unearths buried secrets and just might ruin everything she has worked so hard to protect.⁠

Captivating and atmospheric, this debut novel shows us the high-stakes ripple effects of generational trauma, and the lengths people will go to protect the ones they love.⁠

On sale through August 14th (or until we sell out) OUABC has tirelessly worked to bring the most tender moments to life through their unique reading experience. This story is one that will resonate with readers long after the book has been finished. Boxes are expected to ship at the end of August.⁠

Click here to view potential triggers in this month's selection.
A vast, dark ocean with a single cruise ship visible from an aerial perspective. The words Secrets of the Sea are written in white over the dark water. The words Young Adult Hint are in the lower right corner.


We are so thrilled to present our August Young Adult hint - Secrets of the Sea🚢⁠

It should have been the trip of a lifetime.⁠

An ocean-drenched, atmospheric debut featuring a teen girl who lands an all-expenses-paid opportunity to study aboard a luxury cruise ship for a semester. Not to mention the fact that it will allow her to spend time with her ex-best friend who's barely spoken to her recently.⁠

But as soon as she steps on board, she realizes just how out of her depth she is. She quickly discovers the only reason she was invited to join the other Seamester students is because someone disappeared shortly after enrolling...and no one knows what happened to her. When further disappearances rock the ship and strange creatures begin to haunt her dreams, she wonders: Is the ship hiding a dark secret within its shadowy decks?⁠

A speculative young adult thriller that you will not be able to stop reading, perhaps you'll find there is something darker lurking beneath the water. ⁠

On sale now through August 14th (or until we sell out), set sail for a dark and twisted reading experience with gifts that will bring the most thrilling moments to life. Boxes are expected to ship at the end of August.⁠

Click here to view potential triggers in this month's selection.

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