Our July 2024 Tween Theme is Here

Promotional image for 'Saving the Magic' featuring 'The Bookshop of Dust and Dreams' book cover.

The Tween Theme

We're thrilled to announce our July Tween theme: "Saving the Magic!" 📗⏳

Ideal for all book enthusiasts, our "Save the Magic" box includes a hardcover copy of The Bookshop of Dust and Dreams by Mindy Thompson, alongside FIVE extraordinary items that vividly bring this enchanting story to life!

Set in 1944 in Sutton, New York, awaits a mystical bookshop. This unique store not only attracts individuals from various eras but also intuitively understands when someone needs its charm, offering assistance regardless of whether they're from the distant past or future.

Run by Poppy and her family, the Rhyme and Reason bookshop stands as an essential haven for avid readers. Despite the harsh realities of World War II affecting their lives outside, within the bookshop's walls, Poppy's family strives to spark the imaginations of their patrons with unparalleled experiences and insights.

Poppy aspires to one day manage the bookshop, upholding the wisdom passed down through generations of booksellers, particularly the cardinal rule: never use the shop's magic for personal gain. However, when a tragic incident leads her brother to reconsider his commitment to their traditions, Poppy finds herself torn between familial duty and her affection for her brother, whose actions threaten the very essence of their livelihood.

Available for purchase until July 4th, this captivating historical fiction box is expected to sell out quickly due to its limited availability. Shipping is scheduled for early July. Grab yours now!

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