Close-up of medieval armor and a sword with the text "Round Table Romance," indicating a young adult theme that combines historical adventure and romance.

December Young Adult Hint

Step into the enchanting world where Heartstopper collides with A Knight’s Tale in this delightful queer medieval rom-com, marking the debut of a young adult sensation that explores love, friendship, and the courage to rewrite history.

Centuries have passed since the era of King Arthur, and now, a descendant of the legendary king is a prospective Lord and carefree adventurer. Destined from birth to marry the quick-witted yet short-tempered princess of England, the only thing uniting them is their mutual disdain.

Forced into a summer together at Camelot as their nuptials loom, the unraveling begins. In a mere 24 hours, she catches him in a compromising embrace with a boy, while he delves into her childhood diary, discovering confessions of her crush on the kingdom's sole lady knight.

Recognizing the potential for a more harmonious alliance than bitter adversaries, they reluctantly forge a pact to safeguard each other's secrets. As the excitement builds at the annual royal tournament, she finds herself swept off her feet by her lady knight, while he becomes intrigued by his betrothed's royal brother.

Bringing together sword-fighting, the forging of found family ties, and a cascade of romantic escapades, this queer medieval rom-com promises a journey that will captivate readers. Filled with love, laughter, and the perfect blend of historical romance, it's an irresistible tale that will keep you engrossed until the very last page.

book cover of the novel 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road.' It features a pathway of yellow bricks winding through a grassland, with a blue sky and clouds in the background

December Adult Hint

Embark on a heartening literary journey with this month's captivating novel, penned by a New York Times bestselling author and inspired by The Wizard of Oz. This tale is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the resilience found in forging one's own path.

Our protagonist, escaping the chaos of a tumultuous past involving a toxic ex-boyfriend and the loss of her mother in Kansas, seeks solace in the emerald landscapes of Ireland. Trinity College becomes the backdrop for her transformative adventure, where she dons a pair of vibrant red cowboy boots and immerses herself in the writing program, endeavoring to script a new chapter for her life.

Joined by three newfound companions who swiftly evolve into a chosen family, our heroine undergoes a profound metamorphosis, unearthing not only her heart and intellect but also the courage required to pursue her unique journey. Together, they collectively embrace their true selves, fulfilling destinies that were always meant to be.

This enchanting narrative pays homage to its inspirational roots while standing firmly on its own merits. Rich in themes of friendship, the bonds of found family, and the pursuit of individual identity, this magical odyssey promises readers a captivating exploration of the human spirit. Get ready to be swept away on a journey where the echoes of the familiar mingle seamlessly with the allure of the unknown.

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