June 2024 Adult Hint

A cozy scene with several open books placed on a windowsill, overlooking a lush, green view. The text reads "Stranger than Fiction" with "Once Upon a Book Club: Adult Hint" at the bottom.

We are absolutely thrilled to reveal our June Adult hint: Stranger Than Fiction! 📚❤️

Imagine a literature professor finding herself tangled in the plot of a book—literally! From the New York Times bestselling author of The Seven Year Slip and The Dead Romantics, this story takes a whimsical turn.

Our protagonist adores getting swept away by a charming happily-ever-after, the fictional kind that never lets her down. Real life, with its messy endings, left her jilted at the altar. Books are her sanctuary, her cozy corner of the world. This year, she’s determined to attend her beloved annual book club retreat for a dose of good friends, affordable wine, and epic romance.

But fate has other plans. Her car breaks down en route, leaving her stranded in a picturesque town that seems lifted straight from a novel...

Because it is.

This enchanting place can’t possibly exist, yet here she is, in the heart of her favorite romance series. The candy store’s honey taffy is irresistibly sweet, the local bar’s burgers have that perfect char, and rain predictably falls every afternoon. It feels like she’s come home. Everything is ideal—except it’s stuck in the late author’s last unfinished book. She believes her mission is clear: to complete the story and give the town its deserved ending.

However, there’s one character she can’t quite figure out—a brooding bookstore owner with mint-green eyes, a maddeningly attractive smile, and an impeccable taste in literature. He’s adamant about keeping her from finishing the book, a problem since she suspects the town’s happily-ever-after is tied to her own destiny.

Don't miss out on this delightful and eagerly awaited magical realism novel! Available until June 14th (or while supplies last), it's the perfect way to start your summer reading adventure. Boxes are set to ship in late June.

Click here to view potential triggers in this month's selection.

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