What makes an Online Book Subscription Service the best?

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There's no doubt that in recent years, the popularity of online book subscription services that provide book subscription boxes has skyrocketed. Quite simply, the subscription model has worked brilliantly to bring book lovers closer to books by providing a mix of affordability, quality, value, and customer service.

However, suppose you have never subscribed to an online book subscription service. In that case, things might be a bit confusing due to an incredibly high number of services available to pick from. In this article, we want to help you understand the factors that play pivotal roles in making an online book subscription service the best.


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Quality of the available collection

At Once Upon A Book Club, our team puts a lot of thought and care into each Book Box we curate. We spend months planning, re-reading the book multiple times, and working closely with our vendors to ensure every item included is as close to the book's description as possible. For all those reasons, we do NOT offer more than one title per month per box and do not accept custom requests. Once Upon A Book Club is unlike any other book subscription service. With a focus on delivering unique, one-of-a-kind books, we are sure to please even the most discerning reader.

At Once Upon A Book Club, we believe quality should always come first. We understand today's readers' reading habits, tastes, and preferences, which is why we're the perfect book subscription box service for anyone interested in subscribing. Our commitment to quality means that we only select the best books for our readers. That said, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible reading experience.

The impact on the reading experience

For voracious readers, simply reading a novel is never enough. It's all about going to the depths of a story and understanding every inch of each character. Unfortunately, only reading can never get you to such depths. However, an online book subscription service like Once Upon A Book Club provides many extras to enhance your reading experience.

With each subscription box, our subscribers can expect multiple gifts. But wait, these are not just regular gifts - they are always relevant to the books they come with. They are more than just gifts - they are guides that can help you understand the stories better and know things that ordinary readers will never know.

At Once Upon A Book Club, we understand how emotionally invested readers can become in stories they get attached to. Through our unique gifts, we simply want to promote the magic of literature and allow readers to enjoy immersive reading experiences.

Ease of billing and prompt shipping

No reader in today's times would want to wait for ages for books ordered online. Additionally, an online book subscription service should also keep things easy for customers on the billing front. At Once Upon A Book Club, we take prompt shipping seriously. As soon as you place an order, you can expect us to start the work required to get it across to you.

For month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription plans, both young adults and adults get the same benefits:

  • Billing on the 25th (each month for month-to-month subscribers, at 3-month intervals for 3-month subscribers, at 6-month intervals for 6-month subscribers, and at 12-month intervals for 12-month subscribers)
  • Books shipped at the end of every month.

Availability of try-before-buy options

Here at Once Upon A Book Club, we know that you work hard for your money, so you shouldn't have to spend it on services that don't have what you're looking for. That's why at Once Upon A Book Club, we offer the 'Purchase as a gift' option. Our gift boxes are perfect for one-time orders! You'll pay for the number of boxes you request at checkout, and once those boxes have shipped, you won't be charged again. If you want more boxes, simply place another order.

It works both ways - you can choose to buy Once Upon A Book Club products as gifts, or you can try them out first and only buy them if you like them. Simple, right?

Choose Once Upon A Book Club for the best subscription boxes

Once Upon A Book Club is your source of the best subscription boxes. So, if you are an avid reader, check out what Once Upon A Book Club has in store. From books written by successful authors to unique gifts and beyond - Once Upon A Book Club has everything a modern-day reader could want and need.