Unveiling the Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box: A Tale of Mystery and Haunting Surprises!

Novel: Hemlock Island by Kelley Armstrong


Hello, fellow book enthusiasts and lovers of all things spooky! As the leaves turn golden and the nights grow longer, my excitement knows no bounds. It's that enchanting time of year again - Halloween is swiftly approaching, bringing with it the allure of spine-chilling narratives, eerie haunted houses, and, most thrillingly, the much-anticipated annual spooky box from Once Upon a Book Club.

As a devoted member and contributor to this marvelous literary community, I am bursting with anticipation to offer you a sneak peek into our Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box. This year, we're elevating the chills and thrills to unprecedented levels, ensuring an unforgettable experience that perfectly captures the essence of this haunting season.

Each item in the box has been carefully selected to enhance the eerie atmosphere of the season and deepen your connection to the heart-stopping tale within. Imagine unraveling a mystery that not only captivates your mind but also sends shivers down your spine with every turn of the page. This year's box is more than just a collection of items; it's a portal to a world where every creak and whisper adds to the haunting narrative, creating an immersive experience that you won't find anywhere else.

As you eagerly anticipate the arrival of this year's box, picture the evenings you'll spend engrossed in a story that's as chilling as it is enthralling. We've poured our passion for the macabre and the mysterious into curating a box that will not only meet but exceed your expectations for a Halloween reading adventure. So, get ready, dear readers, for an experience that's sure to haunt your dreams and ignite your imagination like never before. Stay tuned for more tantalizing details and prepare to be spellbound by the Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box from Once Upon a Book Club.

What's Inside the Box?

Each year at Once Upon a Book Club, we strive to outdo ourselves, and 2023's spooky box is a testament to our commitment to delivering haunting delights. Here's what awaits you in this year’s box:

  • Newly Released Hardcover Novel: Hemlock Island by Kelley Armstrong is at the heart of our spooky box. This novel is a masterpiece of suspense and mystery, sure to keep you enthralled and guessing with every turn of the page.
  • Signed Bookplate by Kelley Armstrong: What’s better than reading a gripping novel? Having it signed by the author! This personal touch from Kelley Armstrong will make your reading experience even more special.
  • A Personal Letter from the Author: Delve deeper into the world of "Hemlock Island" with insights directly from Kelley Armstrong. This letter is a rare glimpse into the author's thoughts and inspirations.
  • Exclusive Book Club Kit: Enhance your journey on Hemlock Island with discussion questions, a Q&A with Kelley Armstrong, and an intriguing activity puzzle.

Dive into the Story of Hemlock Island

Laney Kilpatrick’s life is turned upside down when her serene vacation home on Hemlock Island becomes a hub for strangers. Post-divorce, Laney must open her home to others to maintain her connection to this cherished part of her past. But serenity is soon replaced by mystery and fear as strange and chilling events begin to unfold. 

Bloodied bones, eerie hex circles, and terrifying marks of a desperate struggle hint at a dark presence on the island. When Laney, joined by her niece, returns to confront these mysteries, she’s not the only one drawn to the island's dark allure. Her ex-husband, Kit, his sister Jayla, and Laney's high school acquaintance Sadie, now a police officer, are all pulled into the web of intrigue.

As they uncover more sinister secrets and the tension mounts, they find themselves trapped, with an unseen entity determined to ensure they never leave. 

Hear It from Our Book Clubbers

Our subscribers are the heart and soul of our book club, and their words speak volumes:

  • "Once Upon a Book Club has transformed my reading experience. The Spooky Halloween box is something I eagerly await every year, and it always surpasses my expectations!" – Mitzi V., Lake Charles, LA.
  • "The combination of a gripping story and tangible gifts that bring the tale to life is unparalleled. It's like celebrating Halloween with an extra dose of magic!" – Jane D., Oceanside, NY.

Concluding Thoughts

Halloween is the perfect time for stories that chill your spine and linger in your thoughts, and our Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box is meticulously crafted to deliver just that. This year, we've gone above and beyond to create an immersive experience that will transport you straight into the heart of Hemlock Island's mysteries. So why wait? Order your box today and prepare to embark on a journey that's not just about reading a story, but living it. 

Imagine curling up on a chilly October night, the ambiance set with flickering candles and a cozy blanket, as you delve into the twisted tales of Hemlock Island. With each turn of the page and each surprise you uncover in the box, the boundary between reality and fiction blurs, leaving you entranced and captivated. This isn't just a seasonal treat; it's an adventure that will redefine your Halloween traditions and create memories that last long after the final page is turned.

Embrace the essence of Halloween with a reading experience like no other – a blend of haunting narrative, exclusive author insights, and carefully selected gifts that bring the spine-tingling story to life. Order now and get ready to be part of an unforgettable Halloween with Once Upon a Book Club.

Our Monthly Book Subscription Boxes

But the magic doesn’t end with Halloween! At Once Upon a Book Club, our mission is to make every reading moment extraordinary. With our monthly subscription boxes, every book lover can embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary reading experience. 

Each box is a labor of love, filled with surprises that bring the story to life right before your eyes. Imagine unwrapping a gift at the perfect moment in the story, feeling as if you've stepped into the pages yourself. It's this unique experience that makes our book club not just a service, but a community.

By joining our family of readers, you’re not just receiving a box; you’re gaining entry into a world where stories are celebrated in the most magical way. So, let's raise the curtain on this literary theater and transform each reading into an adventure. After all, at Once Upon a Book Club, we believe every story deserves to be lived, not just read.