Unveiling the Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box: A Tale of Mystery and Haunting Surprises!

As the leaves turn golden and the nights grow longer, there's a palpable excitement in the air. Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes the thrill of spooky tales, haunted houses, and of course, the much-anticipated annual spooky box from Once Upon a Book Club. This year, we're taking the chills up a notch with our Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box, and here's a sneak peek into what awaits you.

What's Inside the Box?

Every year, we aim to outdo ourselves, and this year is no exception. Our Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box is a treasure trove of haunting delights:

Newly Released Hardcover Novel: Dive into the mysterious world of Hemlock Island by Kelley Armstrong. This gripping tale will have you on the edge of your seat, turning pages long into the night.

Signed Bookplate by Kelley Armstrong: Make your reading experience even more special with a signed bookplate by the author herself.

A Personal Letter from the Author: Gain insights into the mind of Kelley Armstrong and the inspiration behind "Hemlock Island" with a personal letter.

Additional Content: Enhance your reading journey with exclusive content that brings the world of Hemlock Island to life, including discussion questions, Q&A with the author, and an activity puzzle all inside the Book Club Kit!

Dive into the Story of Hemlock Island

Laney Kilpatrick's serene vacation home on Hemlock Island has become a beacon for strangers. While opening her private sanctuary to others brings a rush of anxiety, it's a necessary step. The aftermath of a pandemic-induced divorce left her with Hemlock Island as her sole possession, and renting it out is the only way she can hold onto this fragment of her past.

However, the island retreat doesn't remain serene for long. What started as minor damages—broken items and near-disastrous campfires—soon spirals into a series of chilling events. From the discovery of bloodied bones and eerie hex circles to the horrifying sight of blood and scratch marks in the guest room closet, it's clear that something or someone is amiss. The climax? Renters, paralyzed with fear, fleeing the premises, haunted by the thought of someone desperately trying to escape... but meeting a grim fate instead.

As the mysteries pile up, Laney, driven by concern and curiosity, arrives on the scene, her young niece accompanying her. To her surprise, she's not the only one drawn to the island. Her ex-husband, Kit, is already there, alerted to the strange occurrences. With him is Jayla, his sister and Laney's once-closest friend. The circle expands when Sadie, a blast from Laney's high school past, arrives with her brother, now donning a police badge.

The atmosphere on Hemlock Island grows thick with tension, secrets, and hushed conversations. The woods, once a source of tranquility, now echo with whispers of the unknown. The discovery of a lone hand emerging from the ground sends shockwaves through the group. And when its accompanying body is unearthed, panic sets in. Their only way off the island has been commandeered, leaving them stranded. As the hours tick by, it becomes chillingly clear: they're not alone, and their unseen companion has no intention of letting them leave Hemlock Island.

Why You Should Pre-order

The Spooky Halloween Book Box is not just a product; it's an experience. By pre-ordering:

Ensure Your Copy: Our annual spooky boxes are a hit, and they sell out fast! Pre-ordering ensures you don't miss out on this limited edition.

Timely Delivery: Scheduled to ship in early October 2023, you'll receive your box just in time to immerse yourself in the spooky tale during the Halloween season.

Early Bird Advantage: Take advantage of the early bird pricing before quantities run out!

Hear It from Our Book Clubbers

"Once Upon a Book Club has transformed my reading experience. The Spooky Halloween box is something I look forward to every year, and it never disappoints!" - Mitzi V., Lake Charles, LA

"The combination of a gripping story and tangible gifts that bring the tale to life is unparalleled. It's like celebrating Christmas in October!" - Jane D., Oceanside, NY

Concluding Thoughts

Halloween is a time for stories that send shivers down your spine, for tales that linger in your mind long after you've turned the last page. Our Spooky Halloween 2023 Book Box promises all this and more. So, why wait? Pre-order your box today and prepare for a reading experience like no other.

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