Books – Bringing Joy Through the Holiday Season and Beyond

Minimalist Merry Christmas card with three simple Christmas trees and falling snow on a light gray background.

We can't believe it's only two months until Christmas! There is nothing worse than having to scramble a few days before Christmas in search of the perfect gift. At Once Upon A Book Club, we believe in bringing books to life every month. Our book boxes are simply a delight and will even have the grumpiest mother-in-law smiling all through the holiday season.

It's "those" relatives or friends that we all struggle to find the perfect gift for, you know, the ones that have everything. Well, at last, you can give the gift that keeps on giving- no once-off gifts for them.

We've noticed that many of you are already ahead of the curve, as our 2022 Christmas box has already sold out! But don't worry, we have you covered as our 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas box is still available. But before we get ahead of ourselves, for those of you who don't know who we are, we will let you in on the secret.

Wine tool set including a black handle corkscrew, two wine stoppers, and a foil cutter, arranged on a light yellow background.

Our Secret to Bringing Books to Life

Let's be honest- once you've got the kids to bed, nothing beats a great book and a glass of wine. Well, nothing, that is, until Once Upon a Book Club came along. Our monthly subscription box is not about reading. Well, it is a little. It's about adding that bit of mystery and intrigue along with all the advantages of being part of a book club without leaving the comfort of your couch. And speaking of wine, you need our Unsolved Mysteries Wine Tool Set – you really shouldn't be reading without it.

In every specially designed book box, you will find a newly released novel accompanied by a set of wrapped gifts, each labeled with page numbers. As you get caught up in the story, you will be prompted to open the gifts when you reach the specified page number. Through these gifts, you will become part of the story yourself.

But let's get back to Christmas.

12 Days of Book-Club-Mas 2022 promotion featuring various festive book covers and the Once Upon a Book Club Advent Edition box.

The Picky Relatives and Friends

We have spent months planning every box, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. For us, attention to detail is key, and if we can't find the perfect gift, we get down to business and custom design our own. It's all about the experience.

As we mentioned, our 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas is still available and is perfect for those picky relatives and friends and those sometimes harder-to-please young adults. We are very proud of our book-club-mas box as there is a bit of a twist.

Our book box contains a short novel with 12 stories, each with its gift. The twist is that each story was written to bring our special gifts to life. It is, after all, the season of giving.

Worried that the box will be crammed with Christmas story after Christmas story? Sit back and relax. The only thing remotely Christmassy about them is the wintery seasonal wrapping – these gifts will keep on giving all year round.

Although our Christmas 2022 box has been sold out, we still have our limited edition Christmas 2021 box set in stock. It's truly a Christmas tribute, containing a hardcover edition of A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale by Karen Schaler, four wrapped gifts, a signed bookplate, and a few more surprises – it is Christmas, after all!

Limited edition covers of Bridgerton Books 1-4 by Julia Quinn, featuring 'The Duke and I,' 'The Viscount Who Loved Me,' 'An Offer from a Gentleman,' and 'Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

Collections – There is Something for Everyone

If you haven't heard of Bridgerton, then you must have been living on a desert island for quite a while. These make the perfect gift for all the Bridgerton lovers you know. The Bridgerton Volume One collection contains The Duke and I, The Viscount Who Loved Me, An Offer From a Gentleman, and Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

Each hardcover book has special edition artwork on the cover, spine, and back cover and custom end papers. If that wasn't enough, The Duke and I also include Julia Quinn's signature on the title page. If you have decided on this gift, you just have to order the Iron Key which was initially paired with The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Ceramic ornament shaped like the classic book 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Brontë, hanging on a Christmas tree with green branches and lights.

Not Everything Has to Be Big

Personally, we love receiving small gifts. And our advent calendar ceramic book ornament is the perfect gift for your favorite book lover.

Another one of our favorites is the Romanov Princess – Candle. A wonderful combination of Teakwood, Cedar, Sandalwood, and Vanilla, packaged in a beautiful tin – the perfect accompaniment to that glass of wine- atmosphere is everything.

And lastly, our advent calendar winter hat is a must-have in any book lover's wardrobe. It's warm; it's cozy; it's cream and mustard, and who can resist the leather patch on the front that says, "Books are Life"?

Once Upon a Book Club gift card featuring colorful book spines in shades of blue, pink, and red on a white background.

Last Minute Wonders

There always are those last-minute gifts- they simply can't be helped. If your family is anything like ours, someone always brings an unexpected guest along with them. That's where our gift cards come in! All you need to do is choose your gift card amount, and it will hit your inbox within minutes. Voila, problem solved.

Merry Christmas card with frosted pine branches, pink ornaments, and a pink gift box with a gold ribbon on a pink background.

A Final Note

Our world has changed dramatically over the last two years, and everything now seems to be automated, online, and digital. We understand progress, but at the same time, there is a need to hold on to some of life's 'old-fashioned" pleasures, like turning the pages of a book. If we're not careful, the next thing we will be doing is projecting a picture of a Christmas Tree onto our walls!

Somehow clicking on the bottom of your phone or Kindle for the next page is not quite the same- well, we don't think so. There is something about holding a book, the way a new book smells, the way the pages feel as you turn them, and that quest for the perfect bookmark.

A much-loved book with its well-read pages and the odd coffee (or, in our case, wine) stain immediately shows that it has given pleasure to many. As long as there are those of us who appreciate life's simple pleasures like turning pages, books will continue to be published.

This Christmas, let's give the gift of joy as together we bring books to life!