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At Once Upon a Book Club, we believe that self-care and reading go hand-in-hand. There's nothing quite like getting lost in the pages of a good book, immersing yourself in new worlds, and connecting with compelling characters. We believe in bringing books to life with our uniquely curated books and gifts, which is why our book subscription boxes are a hit with kids, young adults, and adults.

But we also recognize that not everyone has the same access to these literary escapes. That's why we created the OUABC Cares program – to give back to the community of bookworms who love and support us as a brand and share the magic of reading with those who need it most.

What is OUABC Cares?

OUABC Cares is an initiative close to our hearts. It's a program that aims to spread the joy of reading by providing literature and entertainment to deserving individuals, organizations, and book clubs. We believe in the profound power of books, a power that can uplift the spirit, ignite the imagination, and provide solace in times of need. It's a power that transcends the ordinary, reaching into the very soul to heal and inspire. With a heart full of bookish love, we are committed to sharing this extraordinary force with those who find themselves in challenging times or who simply need a spark of literary joy to brighten their path.

How Does OUABC Cares Work?

The program is simple, yet impactful. Customers can nominate individuals, organizations, or book clubs that they feel could benefit from receiving a Once Upon a Book Club book box. Whether it's a family member, friend, teacher, nurse, coworker, non-profit, library, hospital, or any other group or program making a positive difference in the community, all are eligible for nomination.

Bringing Book Clubs Together

We all know that book clubs are not just about discussing books; they're about fostering connections and creating a sense of belonging. For in-person and virtual book clubs, we offer a unique experience where each member receives a Once Upon a Book Club box. Inside are carefully wrapped gifts, each labeled with page numbers from the featured novel. As they read, they get to open the corresponding gifts, adding an interactive and delightful element to their shared reading journey.

Building communities, one book at a time

Throughout the past month, we've had the privilege of touching the lives of book clubs and individuals through OUABC Cares. Here are a few stories that remind us why we do what we do:

Hoile Girls Book Club



The Hoile Girls Book Club, formed by Joyce, started as a heartfelt gift for her four daughters and daughter-in-law. When the pandemic forced them to meet virtually, their book club became a source of solace and connection. Now, as they gather in person again and welcome more family members, we sent them our "Madame Mustache" box to read and enjoy together.

Broadmoor Book Club



This tight-knit group of neighbors, lovingly referred to as "Club," embodies the essence of female friendship and community. Always supporting one another, they've been reading together since October 2020. We sent them our "Write Your Own Story" box to cherish during their next meeting, strengthening their bonds through the love of literature.

Mosaic Book Club

book subscription club


In a new neighborhood community, the Mosaic Book Club came together to unite neighbors through their shared passion for reading. To kickstart their reading adventure, we sent them our "Through Thick and Thin" boxes, hoping to create lasting connections and cherished memories.

Join the OUABC Cares Movement

If you know someone or an organization that deserves the gift of reading and storytelling, we encourage you to nominate them for OUABC Cares. Together, let's spread the joy of literature and create a world where everyone has access to the magic of books.

To nominate or learn more about the program, you can reach out to our dedicated team at community@onceuponabookclub.com. Let's make a difference, one page at a time, because at Once Upon a Book Club, we believe that stories have the power to change lives and bring communities together.

OUABC Cares – because every bookworm deserves to experience the magic of reading!


Who can I nominate for the OUABC Cares program?

You can nominate individuals, organizations, or book clubs that will benefit from receiving a Once Upon a Book Club box. Whether it's a family member, friend, teacher, nurse, coworker, non-profit, library, hospital, or any other group or program making a positive difference in the community, everyone is eligible for nomination. Who has touched your heart and deserves some literary kindness?

How do I nominate someone for the OUABC Cares program?

It's easy peasy lemon squeezy! Simply click the nominate button for a friend, organization or book club on our OUABC Cares page and complete the nomination form!

How does the OUABC Cares program work?

You and the person you nominate will each receive a set of OUABC boxes. We will take care of both the cost of the boxes and the shipping fees, so you can enjoy them without any expense!

We will reach out to you and your nominee (if their email address was provided) to confirm that you've been selected and verify which boxes we'll be sending to you both.

What do the nominees of the OUABC Cares program receive?

Both you and your nominee will receive one of our renowned OUABC book boxes. Our distinctive and enchanting boxes house a gripping novel, along with wrapped gifts that correspond to specific page numbers, all artfully packaged in our whimsical, book-shaped box. Check out some of our bookish products to see the fabulous gifts from past boxes!

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