Bibliophile's Toolkit: Must-Have Accessories for the Avid Reader

A blue toolbox labeled 'Bibliophile Toolkit' with illustrations of open books and stars

As you know, all of us at Once Upon a Book Club are crazy about books. Reading goes far beyond just turning the pages; it is about bringing books to life. Reading is an experience, a journey, and a daily ritual that makes our world jump for joy.

We are always looking for anything that takes our reading experience to the next level. Whether it's the latest gadget or a bookish product, we simply can’t help ourselves. Don’t let us into stationery stores, either. Let’s be honest: You can never have too many books, notebooks, colored pens, or any type of bookish product!

So, sit back and relax, grab a glass of wine (and speaking of wine—you may just want to check out the ultimate bookish wine glasses!) while we share some of our favorites with you—they have definitely added to our reading experience. 

Reading Accessories

An open book-shaped lamp emitting a warm glow, resembling pages fanned out.

You May Say I’m a Dreamer Book Light

This one is for all of the late-night reading enthusiasts or those looking to add a touch of literary atmosphere to their favorite reading spot. The You May Say I’m a Dreamer Book Light is the perfect reading companion for devouring chapters after hours. We love how the exterior cover is magnetic and stays open when placed on any metal surface to reveal a stunning glow—perfect for reading by!

Library checkout cards, a date stamp, an ink pad, and a pencil on a beige background.

Personal Library Kit

The Personal Library Kit is a game-changer for anyone who lends out their precious novels. Our book collections are our personal libraries; if you’re like us, each book holds a memory. We love how our library kit adds a bit of nostalgia—remember when they used to check out books manually!

Turn your book collection into your own personal library, and never forget where you've loaned your books again.

Our wonderful kit contains:

  • 20, Sticky-backed "From the Personal Library Of..." Inserts to be stamped when loaned
  • 20, inserted library cards to hold when loaning a novel
  • Date Stamp
  • Ink Pad
  • Pencil
A personalized library stamp with an ink pad, showing the imprint 'From the Library of' with an open book and flowers

Personal Library Stamp Kit

The Personal Library Stamp Kit is a fabulous addition to your bookish collection. It's a charming way to mark your collection and ensure that borrowed books find their way back to your shelf! This adorable personal wooden library stamp features an open book with florals emerging from its pages. Underneath it, the words "From the library of" appear with a blank space for the recipient to write in their name. The stamp includes a black stamp pad.

hand placing a slip labeled 'Mad Honey' into a 'To Be Read' jar.


The age-old question, "What should I read next?" has met its match with the TBR Jar. This gray ceramic jar is printed with black lettering reading 'To Be Read'. It is meant to be filled with folded slips of paper written with the books you want to read so you can randomly choose your next book. This jar also includes a wooden lid and a set of six colored book tabs to mark your favorite quotes without damage.

A green book sleeve with a quote and botanical illustrations, holding the book 'Band of Sisters.

Book Sleeve

When it comes to book sleeves, we couldn’t resist this one! Our stunning olive green, vegan leather book sleeve features a gorgeously designed front featuring greenery and the quote, "Books don't just go with you. They take you where you've never been." The sleeve also features an elastic closure with a printed book button and an elastic pen/highlighter holder. The interior is lined. Come on, you know you need it!

Two books, 'Under the Tamarind Tree' and 'Main Street,' in a grey book pocket organizer attached to a couch

Book Pocket Organizer

This is one of those bookish products you never knew you needed, and then you will be left wondering why you never had one before! It is the perfect organizer for readers on the go! Simply unfold the top flap and insert it between your mattress/bed frame or under a couch cushion, and you'll have access to all your favorite things! We love the thick material and multiple pockets—perfect for your latest read, notebook, and pens.

A kidney-shaped reading pillow with colorful illustrations of books, frogs, and various whimsical items.

Book Beau Reading Pillow

As any bibliophile knows, comfort is everything, and the Book Beau Reading Pillow is a reader’s dream come true. They claim it’s the most comfortable reading accessory around, and we happen to agree. Made from the softest flat minky fabric, besides being super comfortable, it adds that touch of luxury we all need and let’s not forget the fabulous designs! It is also easy to clean—unzip the removable cover, machine wash on gentle & air dry, and voila, it's as good as new!

Gooseneck Kindle Holder 


This one is for tech-savvy readers! The Gooseneck Kindle Holder is a must-have for any Kindle fan. Its dual clips secure your device safely, and the adjustable lazy arm and swivel base allow you to position your Kindle perfectly at any angle and height. Another advantage is that this stand is compatible with a wide range of devices from 4 to 12.9 inches!

Get ready for comfortable, hands-free reading—whether you’re chilling on the sofa or relaxing in bed. Some of us have been known to use it while enjoying a long, relaxing bubble bath! When it comes to Kindle accessories, you may as well go all out and order the remote page-turner as well!


Most of us don’t need an excuse to buy anything bookish-related, but if you need to … it’s time to get your bibliophile toolkit together!  Whether you want to add a touch of atmosphere, that much-needed comfort and indulgence, or get your collection in order, there is no time like the present! 

Every bibliophile needs a toolkit; after all, reading is serious business! If you enjoyed this blog, you should check out Unique Bookish Gift Ideas for the Book Lover in Your Life. We would love to hear about some of your must-have bookish accessories, so pop your recommendations in the comments below. Here’s to taking your reading to the next level with the ultimate gadgets and accessories!

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