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About our Past Book Box Collection

Treasured Reads: Exploring Past Book Boxes Collection

Welcome to Treasured Reads: Exploring Past Book Boxes Collection, where every book lover's dream of revisiting cherished literary moments comes alive. This collection offers a journey through the rich tapestry of stories and unique items that have defined our book boxes over the years. It's a celebration of the narratives that have sparked imagination, transported readers to other worlds, and created communities of readers united by their love for the written word. Whether you're a long-time subscriber or new to the world of book boxes, this collection invites you to explore the memorable selections that have captivated hearts and minds.

Of Dust and Dragons: A Magical Book Box Adventure

The November 2023 Middle Grade Full Box, aptly named Of Dust and Dragons, delivers a captivating reading journey with its featured book, Alliana, Girl of Dragons by Julie Abe. 

This enchanting book box not only includes a copy of the novel but also brings the story to life with three meticulously chosen gifts, a signed bookplate, and an exclusive letter from Julie Abe herself. 

Drawing inspiration from a Japanese Cinderella tale and set in the whimsical world of Eva Evergreen, this box presents a standalone fairy tale adventure. 

It's designed to ignite the imaginations of readers and inspire them to dream big and explore the boundless possibilities within the pages and beyond.

Murder, She Wrote: A Mystery-Filled Book Box Journey

The September 2023 Adult Full Box, Murder, She Wrote, revolves around the enthralling novel Scenes of the Crime by Jilly Gagnon. This book box is a treasure trove for mystery enthusiasts, providing not just the suspenseful read itself but also four carefully selected gifts that deepen the engagement with the narrative. Alongside these immersive elements, recipients will find a signed bookplate and a personal letter from Jilly Gagnon, making the experience even more special. Crafted for lovers of intrigue and puzzle-solving, this box combines the thrill of a good mystery with the enriching experience of interactive reading.

Shadows by the Sea: A Mysterious Seafaring Adventure Book Box

The December 2023 Middle Grade Full Box, Shadows by the Sea, unveils Gloom Town by Ronald L. Smith as its centerpiece. Accompanied by three thoughtfully chosen gifts that illuminate the novel's dark charm, this box presents a spine-tingling tale woven with magic and the lore of the sea. It narrates the daring quest of two children against ancient evils threatening global dominion. Crafted for the intrepid young reader with a penchant for adventure and the enigmatic, this box promises an enriching journey into the heart of mystery and bravery.

Pieces of the Past: A Time-Traveling Mystery Book Box Experience

The November 2023 Adult Full Box, Pieces of the Past, features One Puzzling Afternoon by Emily Critchley, a novel celebrated by People Magazine. This book box intricately combines a gripping murder mystery with profound emotional undercurrents, complemented by five carefully selected gifts to enrich the reader's immersion. Spanning the years 1951 and 2018, the story delves into the life of Edie Green, tracing her evolution from a solitary teenager to an elderly woman wrestling with her memories and a secret she has harbored for decades. This book box is designed for those who cherish the blend of historical depth, mystery, and the journey of self-discovery.

Love and Chess: A Strategic Romance Young Adult Book Box

The November 2023 Young Adult Full Box, Love and Chess, delivers an enthralling rivals-to-lovers tale with Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood at its heart. This book box enriches the chess-centric romance with the inclusion of the novel and four thematic gifts, providing a distinctive fusion of young adult fiction and curated items. Designed to deepen readers' engagement with the storyline, this book box weaves together the intellectual allure of chess with the heartwarming dynamics of young love.

Unboxing Stories: Discover Book Boxes with Novel Delights

Each book box comes packed with a story and accompanying items that vividly bring the narrative to life, providing a one-of-a-kind mix of reading pleasure and the excitement of unboxing. These meticulously assembled boxes feature special edition novels, bookmarks, art prints, and a variety of book-centric treasures, making them an ideal surprise for any book enthusiast.