Gifts of Literature: A Man's Guide to Choosing Once Upon a Book Club for Her

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This post is for all the guys looking to impress that special bookworm lady in their life. Once Upon a Book Club is your go-to place it isn't just a subscription service; it's a golden ticket to a world where books come alive with surprises and gifts. 

As women, we know how thoughtful gifting impacts our hearts; it shows that you have taken the time to think about what brings us joy, and that makes us feel super special. For us book-lovers, there isn’t a better gift than a Once Upon a Book Club experience.

Unlocking Her Reading World

First up, let's dive into her literary tastes. Is she a die-hard romance fan, enthralled by tales of love and passion? Perhaps she's a mystery enthusiast, always eager to unravel the next perplexing puzzle. Or maybe she's captivated by fantastical tales, journeying through worlds of wonder and imagination. 

Understanding her favorite genre is as crucial as knowing the melody that lifts her spirits or the lyrics that speak to her soul. It's about tapping into her literary world, where each book resonates with her like a favorite song, echoing her dreams, adventures, and aspirations. This isn't just about picking a genre; it's about connecting to her inner world through the stories that move her most.

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Choosing the Right Book Subscription

The variety at Once Upon a Book Club is truly impressive. We've got everything from a casual reader's month-to-month plan to more committed options like 3-month, 6-month, or our popular 12-month plan. 

It's more than just selecting a subscription; it's about understanding her reading pace, her appetite for adventure in literature, and how each plan can fit into her lifestyle. Whether she's a weekend reader or someone who devours books like a favorite snack, there's a plan that matches her rhythm. Choosing the right one for her is a part of the magic – it's like carefully selecting the key that will unlock a chest full of literary treasures tailored just for her.

Adding Your Personal Touch

Here’s where Once Upon a Book Club really stands out. Each box isn't just books; it's a treasure trove of thoughtful gifts that weave seamlessly into the story. There is something quite delightful about uncovering a piece of art that echoes a scene from the book, or a gardening tool that's key to a plot twist, or even a gourmet cooking utensil that a character uses. These customized boxes are what takes her reading experience to the next level.

It’s not just about the narrative on the pages; it’s about creating a multi-sensory experience that resonates with her personal world. By intertwining our amazing surprise gifts with the stories, Once Upon a Book Club transforms reading into an interactive and deeply personal journey. It’s about crafting those 'Wow' moments, where the line between fiction and reality blurs and you simply forget where you are yes, getting lost in a book is one of those experiences we love to relive over and over again.

Making It Official

After picking the perfect plan and adding your unique spin, it's time to order. There's something special about clicking that 'purchase' button, knowing you're sending a bundle of joy her way. It's not just a transaction; each click is a promise of an experience to remember.

You're not just buying a book; you're unlocking a world of stories, each one waiting to unfold in her hands. It's a moment of anticipation, full of delight as she opens each box, discovers each gift, and delves into the pages that take her to new worlds. This simple act of ordering becomes a meaningful gesture of love, a way to connect through the power of storytelling.

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The Art of Gifting a Book Box

When it comes to giving her the box, why not up the game? Add your own personal twist with surprise reveals and mini treasure hunts, turning the whole thing into an experience rather than just a handover. It's about making memories, right? Just think how excited she will be as she follows a trail of clues created specially by you. Each one can be a playful nod to her favorite books or literary characters ending with the piece de resistance the grand reveal of her Once Upon a Book Club box

It's not just the joy of receiving a gift; it's the thrill of the adventure, the story behind it, that makes it truly special. You're not just giving a book box; you're crafting an unforgettable moment, a story that she'll love to recount. You’ve transformed a gesture as simple as gift giving into a meaningful and memorable experience, a chapter in your shared story that she'll cherish forever.

Enjoying the Adventure Together

The fun doesn't stop when she opens the box. Dive into the stories with her, chat about the bookish gifts, and see how these books bring new conversations and laughs. It's amazing how a shared story can bring people closer. As you both explore the pages, you'll find countless moments to share insights, guess plot twists, and revel in the joy of unexpected surprises. 

These books become more than just the act of reading; they turn into a bridge of shared experiences, connecting you through dialogues, debates, and shared wonder. It's an experience that extends far beyond the final page.

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Connect with the Community

There’s a whole community of book lovers waiting in Once Upon a Book Club’s social spaces. Encourage her to jump in, share her thoughts, and connect! It's like being part of a worldwide book club, and who doesn't love that?

Keep the Chapters Coming

If she's all smiles with her Once Upon a Book Club experience, why not keep the story going? Renewing or upgrading her subscription is a brilliant way to surprise her and definitely says, "I love seeing you happy." And besides, guess who is going to be the most popular guy every month!

Every new box is a reminder of your thoughtfulness and a celebration of her passion for reading. It's not just a subscription; it's a series of delightful surprises that you choose to keep alive, reinforcing the joy and excitement in your shared moments around books.

A stylish purse designed to resemble the cover of 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker rests on a vibrant pink surface. The purse is white with a black bat design, red droplets, and the title 'Dracula' in black letters. A blush pink strap is attached to the purse, and there's a brown pencil lying beside it.

Beyond the Box To Bookish Gifts

As book lovers we can’t resist the wonderful world of literary gifts we are simply crazy about everything bookish. From elegant bookmarks to cozy reading accessories, there’s always something new to discover and gift. At Once Upon a Book Club, we go the extra mile to ensure each bookish gift collection is unique, bringing books to life in one form or another. 

When it comes to our bookish gifts, there is something for everyone. Imagine gifting her an ankle length, floral dressing gown with tie from our February 2023 Adult box featuring Georgie All Along by Kate Clayborn, perfect for curling up with a good book. Or decorating her personal space with enchanting bookish home décor. Our book boxes, available for adults, young adults, and middle grade readers, are filled with exclusive and limited edition surprises that enhance the reading experience.

For the tech-savvy reader, our Tech and Electronics collection includes stunning book lights and bookish wall clocks, perfect for creating a cozy reading atmosphere. And for the traveler at heart, our bookish travel collection, featuring tote bags, fanny packs, and charming book stack keychains, becomes an ideal companion. Each item is more than just a gift; it's an invitation to a world of stories, and who can resist that?

Let the literary adventure begin and watch as your thoughtful gift from Once Upon a Book Club brings even more joy and connection to your relationship. And you will definitely hold the title of Best Gift Giver Ever!

Spread the Word

If you're as impressed with Once Upon a Book Club as we know you will be, don't hold back in sharing your thoughts. It's a great way to support this innovative approach to book loving and we love getting feedback!


In the end, choosing Once Upon a Book Club is about more than just books; it's about showing her you cherish her hobbies and interests. It's about creating moments together, wrapped up in the magic of stories. Each page turned, each gift unwrapped, becomes a shared memory, a testament to the care and thought you've put into this gift. 

It's not just about the stories written by authors; it's about the story you're writing together, filled with surprise, laughter, and the intimate joy of shared experiences. This isn't just a gift; it's a journey into a world of imagination, a bridge that connects your worlds through the love of literature

So, go ahead, let the literary adventure begin and watch as your thoughtful gift brings even more joy and connection to your relationship. Every chapter, every surprise, every discussion will enrich your bond, turning ordinary days into a series of magical moments that celebrate her passion for reading and your dedication to making her happy. This is the essence of Once Upon a Book Club – a truly unique way to show how much you value her and the interests that light up her world.

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