a hardcover special edition of The West Wind - showing the front, spine, edges, and back. The back cover has the quote "You are free to choose your own path and make your own choices." Below it are two green boxes and two white boxes
A green box labeled The Romantasy Box is next to a hardcover special edition of The West Wind. In front are four boxed gifts.

The Romantasy Box - Volume 2 (Sold Out)

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The Volume 2 Romantasy box from 2023 features a special edition of The West Wind by Alexandria Warwick plus 4 gifts that bring this book to life!

The West Wind is a standalone fantasy romance sprinkled with Greek lore, perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Laura Thalassa, and Scarlett St. Claire. The Four Winds series continues in this darkly reimagined tale of forbidden love with influences from the Scottish ballad Tam Lin.

This 550+ page special edition of the novel will be brought to life through 4 incredible gifts that highlight the most intense moments and bring the story to life. Sticky notes will be strategically placed inside the book to make you feel as though you've entered this fantastical world and are making the journey alongside the characters.

Exclusive Edition Details:
- Exclusive Hardcase Artwork with Unique Foiling Details
- Custom End Papers 
- Custom Stenciled Edges
- Metal Book Corners

The box will also include a signed bookplate from the author, an exclusive letter from the author to our readers, and a book club kit featuring goodies and details about the novel.

As a reminder, this box is not part of our regular monthly subscription and is a separate, one-time, individual purchase. Anyone can purchase one and you do not have to be an active subscriber to order! We are so beyond excited to be bringing this story to you.

How It Works!
  1. Start reading your monthly book! Each box includes an exciting new read and your experience begins the moment you turn to page one.
  2. As you read, you'll find "Open Your Gift" sticky notes! Unwrap the gift with the matching page number and experience the book coming to life before your eyes!
  3. Chat about your reading experience with readers around the globe! Our private Facebook group is the perfect place to meet dedicated readers like you!

About the Book

Long before civilization, there were the gods. And before the gods, there was the earth, the celestial bodies, and air given flesh. They are the Anemoi—the Four Winds—and they have been banished to the four corners of the world.

Brielle of Thornbrook has dedicated her life to the abbey. She spends her days forging iron and studying the Text, all in preparation of becoming an acolyte—a shepherd of the Father. Twenty-one years on this earth and she has never touched a man. And she never will.

Yet dark things uncoil beyond Thornbrook's high stone walls. A chance encounter with an alluring stranger leads Brielle to Under, where the air breathes rot and the roots grow black. Zephyrus, Bringer of Spring, with eyes of green.

In Under, those Brielle can trust are few, least of all Zephyrus. But never has a man so thoroughly ensnared her. When faith and heart collide, Brielle learns how quickly threads unravel, even her most sacred vow: thou shalt not forsake the Father. For He is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory. Forever and ever. Amen.

The Four Winds series continues in this darkly reimagined tale of forbidden love with influences from the Scottish ballad Tam Lin

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Customer Reviews

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First off, the book is gorgeous! So happy to have in my collection. Second, the story? One of my top reads for sure! Gifts? Thumbs up from this gal!


Love it


I can’t wait to dive in! I loved the first Romantasy box so this one should be just as great if not better!


I love Once Upon a Book Club.


The story is a bit slow but soon grips you. I love the gifts in this box.

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