Sweet Halloween - paperback edition of My Roommate is a Vampire is next to an orange Once Upon a Book Club box
Sweet Halloween - the book My Roommate is a Vampire is centered surrounded by text: age gap (duh, he's a 100 year old vampire!), banter, friends to lovers, The Flatshare meets Twilight, spice, and forced proximity

Limited Edition - Sweet Halloween 2023 (Ready-to-Ship)

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Our most popular annual box is BACK for 2023 and this year's sweet selection is sure to cast a spell on YOU! Paired with 4 adorable gifts perfect for the season, we cannot wait for you to fall in love with this box! This year's sweet box features My Roommate is a Vampire by debut author, Jenna Levine!

Including a letter from the author, a signed bookplate, and more details you'll have to discover yourself, we cannot WAIT for you to enjoy this perfect autumn box!

These boxes are ready-to-ship and will depart our warehouse within 2 business days from ordering!

About the Book


Cassie Greenberg loves being an artist, but it’s a tough way to make a living. On the brink of eviction, she’s desperate when she finds a too-good-to-be-true apartment in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood. Cassie knows there has to be a catch—only someone with a secret to hide would rent out a room for that price.

Of course, her new roommate Frederick J. Fitzwilliam is far from normal. He sleeps all day, is out at night on business, and talks like he walked out of a regency romance novel. He also leaves Cassie heart-melting notes around the apartment, cares about her art, and asks about her day. And he doesn’t look half bad shirtless, on the rare occasions they’re both home and awake. But when Cassie finds bags of blood in the fridge that definitely weren’t there earlier, Frederick has to come clean...

Cassie’s sexy new roommate is a vampire. And he has a proposition for her.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jeniece Lusk
What a surprise!

This was a freebie that I took a chance on, and what a surprise! Just based on the premise alone I thought that it would be a struggle to plod through, but I'm glad that it proved me wrong. The story line is adorable, although a bit rushed towards the end. And the accompanying gifts are awesome.


I love them

Loved it!

This book was so fun and the gifts were amazing! I really enjoyed it!


I loved this story it was funny and fun to read.


A cute read! The gifts were not my taste but I found a home for them!

Book Clubber Testimonials


I love Once Upon a Book Club. Each month offers a book with a collection of gifts that bring the words on the pages to life. My collection is growing and I even had to purchased new book shelves. I love the boxes!

Mitzi V.
Lake Charles, LA

Once Upon a Book Club is a reader’s delight. The concept of this book box is so unique, it combines your love of reading with the joy opening presents.

Darrie D.
Oceanside, NY

The gifts truly bring the story to life and perfectly match what’s happening in the story. For example-the main character might have gotten a bracelet from her best friend in the story. And then you get that bracelet as a gift! It’s so fun because it’s an immersive experience.

Monique B.
Elmhurst, IL

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