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Adult & YA Bundle

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Experience the magic of our Adult and Young Adult subscription boxes on a monthly basis in this money-saving bundle! 

Each month, you will receive the Adult and Young Adult boxes (shipped separately) for one price! This price is 10% less than if you purchased both boxes separately, making this a deal you do not want to miss!

  • Billed monthly on the 25th
  • Auto-renewing
  • Boxes ship at the end of the month
  • Bundle deal does require both boxes to be received. Skips are not able to be processed for the bundle deal. You must receive both boxes each month to receive the 10% discount.
How It Works!
  1. Start reading your monthly book! Each box includes an exciting new read and your experience begins the moment you turn to page one.
  2. As you read, you'll find "Open Your Gift" sticky notes! Unwrap the gift with the matching page number and experience the book coming to life before your eyes!
  3. Chat about your reading experience with readers around the globe! Our private Facebook group is the perfect place to meet dedicated readers like you!
Purchase today to receive your first boxes at the end of July themed...
A white woman stands against an ancient Greek style railing overlooking the trees below her balcony. Her red hair is tied in a full bun at the nape of her neck. She is wearing a white gown, reminiscent of those seen worn by Greek Goddesses. Above her on a beige background are the words "Wrath of a Goddess" and at the bottom of the image are the words "Adult Hint." This is the July Adult hint on sale through July 14th.
We are so excited to share our July Adult hint, Wrath of a Goddess! 🌾🌼

A lush, emotional read perfect for fans of Madeleine Miller and Claire Heywood, this is the story of a daughter pulled between two worlds and a mother willing to destroy both to protect her...

She is a goddess of life, living half of one. She did not always live in fear. Once, she loved the world and the humans who inhabited it. After an act of devastating violence, though, she hides herself away among the grasses and wildflowers. Her only solace is her daughter…

She is as bright as summer and devoted to her mother, even during their millennia in exile from Olympus. But she craves freedom. Naïve and determined, she secretly builds a life of her own—and as she does so, she catches the eye of a powerful god…

Then her daughter is kidnapped and renamed as Queen of the Underworld. In the land without sun, she realizes she may have a chance to gain back what she thought she'd lost forever. But she will destroy anything—even the humans she holds so dear—to bring her daughter back. A mother who has lost everything and a daughter with more to gain than she ever realized, they will irrevocably shape the world: all in the name of something as human as love.

The daughters of Olympus will have the last word…

On sale now through July 14th (or until we sell out), tthis box brings a beloved myth into a new story we cannot wait to share with you. Boxes are expected to ship at the end of July.⁠
Click here to view content warnings for this month's selection.

A black fabric background. Cobwebs adorn the image. A silver human skull sits at the bottom right of the image filled with a bouquet of red, purple, and white flowers. The words "Southern Gothic" take up much of the space toward the top of the image. The words "Young Adult Hint" are written in smaller font at the bottom of the image. This is the July Young Adult hint on sale through July 14th.
We are so thrilled to share our July Young Adult hint, Southern Gothic! 🎂🪦

From the author of Starlings and perfect for fans of Yellowjackets comes a story about small-towns, friendships, and the terrifying things your parents don't tell you.

Sixteen years ago, six girls were born on the same day—and now, on their shared birthday, one of them is missing. For most of their lives, these six best friends were inseparable. Then a rift caused their friendships to fracture, and the friends went their separate ways, except for two who stayed together.

Until now. The night of their sixteenth birthday, one girl was left sitting on her front porch while the other heads home—and in the morning, it's discovered she never made it and is missing. She’s gone for two days, and when she reappears, there’s something wrong with her. She’s sick. Really sick. And she doesn’t remember anything that happened while she was gone.

If there’s any bright side to the situation, it’s that her peculiar disappearance brings the six girls back together. Their sisterhood feels as strong as it was years ago, but when another one of them disappears, they all agree that they must have more in common than simply their birthday. They all feel it. Something’s been waiting for them, and that something has come to claim them one by one.

Deep in their bones, they know—it’s just a matter of time until they’re all taken. And if they don’t save themselves, no one will.

On sale now through July 14th (or until we sell out), this box will bring the most intense moments to life! Boxes are expected to ship in late July.⁠

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