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Romantasy by Alexandria Warwick

The North Wind, a Romantasy by Alexandria Warwick, will enthrall you from the very first sentence. Alexandria Warwick captivates her audience with her complex characters and gut-wrenching plot described as reminiscent of Hades and Persephone and Beauty and the Beast. If you're looking for a breathtaking romance filled with its fair share of steamy scenes, then this is the book for you.

The North Wind successfully combines romance and fantasy with a hint of Greek mythology in this captivating enemy-to-lovers story. The story is set in the land known as Gray, a harsh and unforgiving environment that has been encased in ice for three hundred years and surrounded by a protective barrier called the Shade. 

But the Shade is slowly weakening, and there is only one thing that can save it. A mortal woman must leave the safety of her home and cross the barrier bound in wedlock to the Frost King. The Frost King is a dark god who reigns over the Deadlands; he is the North Wind, an immortal with a heart as cold and frigid as the land he rules. And he has come to choose his bride.

Wren is the epitome of a survivor

The story is centered around Wren, who has spent her life fending for both her sister and herself after the loss of their parents. Wren is the epitome of a survivor, and there is nothing she won't do to make sure her sister gets the life she has dreamed of. But her love, loyalty, and bravery are put to the test when the North Wind arrives looking for his sacrifice, and much to Wren's horror, he chooses her sister. Wren's only choice is to deceive the Lord and take her sister's place, but everything is not as it seems.

Although Wren is the main character, Alexandria successfully gives each character life, bringing their qualities and flaws to the surface, creating stark contrasts between those you love and those you despise. And each character adds to the underlying tension that permeates throughout the book. 

Wren is complex but authentic, with some slightly suspect characteristics, especially on the moral side of things. She is full of contradictions- she is brash and aggressive but with an unexpectedly soft side. Wren is unashamed of her sexuality and her history - meekness and shyness aren't adjectives you will ever associate with Wren, and they definitely don't enter the equation, as this is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and is never afraid to take it. 

Frost King's Castle

Her life is inextricably changed as she moves from a position of lack to abundance in Frost King's castle, where there are endless servants and a never-ending supply of food. 

This newfound abundance causes her resentment as she reflects on how her own people are forced to endure the never-ending Winter, which ensures they never thrive. To save her people, she needs to show the Frost King how his powers are slowly killing all that she loves, but when it comes to mortals, his heart has turned to ice. Wren's survival instincts are put to the test, and she will have to go to great lengths to soften his heart.

Tension and Chemistry

As Wren and Boreas's relationship evolves from enemies to lovers, you are drawn in as they open up to each other, showing their vulnerable sides. This is a new experience for both of them as they learn about the other's weaknesses and past—something neither of them has had to do before. The tension and sexual chemistry between them is palpable and will keep you mesmerized and rooted to your seat as you can't resist turning page after page. 

The North Wind explores emotions on all levels, from the effects of grief to loyalty and love. It looks at the roles we resort to in times of crisis, but most importantly, it teaches us to be vulnerable and the importance of self-love and acceptance. But before you think this is purely an emotional journey, don't worry; there is definitely enough tension (yes, plenty of it) and sexual chemistry to last a lifetime. Be prepared to experience breathtaking moments on a whole new level, interspersed with the odd tearful episode. Tissues will most certainly be required for those steamed-up glasses, as well as the odd tear.

Exclusive North Wind Edition

Our exclusive edition of The North Wind features custom artwork on the cover, spine, and back cover, custom endpapers, custom stenciled edges, metal corner tabs, and gold foil detail. And if that wasn't enough to capture you, we have also included the signed bookplate from the author, Alexandria Warwick, an exclusive bookmark, 5x7 art print, as well as the Book Club Kit, which contains exciting details and activities. This festive season, give the gift that keeps on giving; give the gift of imagination.

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