Unwrapping Stories Together: How Our Book Club Subscription Makes the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


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As Mother’s Day draws closer, we are always on the lookout for the perfect gift. But finding the perfect gift for our extraordinary mothers isn't always easy. Perhaps it's because our mothers play such an essential role in our lives. We can always count on them with their unconditional and unwavering love and how often they put our needs before their own!

Mothers are fabulous; we just think back to how they supported us through all the ups and downs. For many of us, our moms are our emotional anchor, providing stability, comfort, and that sense of home. They have helped shape our values, beliefs, and attitudes toward life. Moms show us that no matter what, we are strong and can get through anything!

Having a mom is like having your own personal cheerleader! Moms are special because of their ability to love deeply, teach wisely, and inspire endlessly.

Novel titled "Fake It Till You Bake It" by a OUABC book club, with illustration.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

As we said, Mother's Day is approaching, and finding the perfect gift can sometimes feel daunting. But relax—we have the ideal solution that will not only show your appreciation but also bring your mom lots of joy and excitement!

We have the ultimate adult book subscription box and here’s why it makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

A Thoughtful Escape

Our moms are always busy, and they often forget to take time out for themselves. Our adult book box offers the ideal escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. It provides the perfect opportunity to relax and indulge in some important me time through the simple pleasure of reading.

Book Subscription Box Unboxing

Here at Once Upon a Book Club, it’s about the whole experience—from the moment your book box arrives until you turn the last page. Imagine her joy at receiving a beautifully crafted book-shaped box each month—our whimsical packaging makes any unboxing experience truly memorable. It's like having a birthday every time it arrives.

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Interactive Reading Experience

Unlike typical book club subscriptions, our boxes are filled with surprises. Each month, alongside a newly released novel, you'll discover 3 to 5 carefully curated gifts, each labeled with corresponding page numbers. These surprises are designed to take everyone’s reading experience to the next level by bringing the pages to life. It is the ultimate interactive reading experience.

Subscription Box for Book Lovers

Finding the perfect gift has never been easier with our flexible subscription plans. Whether you opt for our Adult Month to Month or choose from our 3, 6, or 12-month subscription options, you're sure to find a plan that suits your mom's reading preferences.

This Mother's Day, go beyond the traditional gifts and give your mom the gift of escape, excitement, and adventure with our adult book subscription box. It's a gift that keeps on giving, bringing joy month after month. Make this Mother's Day truly special with Once Upon a Book Club.

OUABC Mother's Day book box with surprise gifts and a novel titled "A Brighter Flame."

Best Mother’s Day Book Gifts

Our ready-to-ship Mother’s Day Limited Edition Box is guaranteed to bring your mom lots of joy. This beautiful book box features A Brighter Flame by Christine Nolfi and is perfect for fans of our Up All Night selection, Improbably Yours by Kerry Anne King!

Discover the bonds between 3 generations of women in an inspirational and empowering story that will emphasize the importance of female relationships and the power of women supporting women! She’s always wanted a sense of belonging. The last place she expects to find it is home.

From the bestselling author of The Passing Storm comes a poignant novel about family secrets, healing, and the hope of second chances.

Containing three wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers that will work to bring this empowering story to life, it is not a box to be missed!

Mother’s Day Bookish Products

Are you looking to add something extra special to the mix, then you definitely want to check these out!

Bookish Makeup Bag with Matching Necklaces

We love this adorable library card patterned makeup bag, which is perfect for storing all your essentials! Plus, when you're out and about and happen to run into your favorite author, it makes the perfect canvas for a signature! It also includes a set of two 14k gold-plated bar necklaces representing Through Thick and Thin. This is the perfect mother-daughter accessory for those special moments together discussing your favorite books!

Reading Log Poster

This reading log poster is a brilliant way to capture your shared reading experiences!

Reading Challenges

For mothers and daughters who love challenges and exploring new genres, our Book Bingo or Reading Challenge Poster is the perfect addition!

Portrait of a smiling young woman with an older woman, both happy and close.

Mother-Daughter Reading Adventure

Why not start a new tradition this Mother’s Day and order a box for both of you? Imagine the joy of sharing the excitement of unboxing together, guessing the surprises, and experiencing the story as it unfolds! It's not just about the reading; it's about the journey you share.

Picture yourselves in your favorite coffee shop or restaurant with a fresh cup of coffee and a great slice of chocolate cake while discussing the twists and turns of your latest novel. Opening the gifts together adds an extra layer of anticipation and fun to the experience. No more FOMO when you both have your own box to enjoy!

Some of our past surprises have included items like the “Phones Down, Hearts Open - Miniature Locket Necklace” inspired by Famous for a Living by Melissa Ferguson. This adorable, custom miniature locket pendant with a rose etched on the front contains two miniature pictures that can be removed and replaced with photos of your own. We think we might just surprise our moms with this one, so we’re off to search for the ideal photos to add!

Make this Mother's Day one to remember by starting a tradition of shared adventures in reading. With our adult book subscription box, you'll create cherished memories and strengthen your bond through the magic of storytelling and surprise gifts. You will definitely want to check out our blog, Unboxing Memories: A Mother-Daughter Book Club Experience

Wishing all of our fabulous Moms a Happy Bookish Mother’s Day from all of us at Once Upon a Book Club!