Our February 2024 Young Adult Hint

The image features a breathtaking cityscape of New York City at sunset with the iconic Empire State Building prominently in the foreground. The sky is painted with warm hues of orange and pink, suggesting early evening. Overlaid on the image in stylized font are the words 'big apple Adventures', evoking a sense of excitement and exploration in the bustling urban environment.

The Young Adult Hint

 We're buzzing with excitement to reveal our February Young Adult feature, Big Apple Adventures! 🍎🚲

Step into the enchanting streets of New York, a city that's been eagerly awaiting your arrival! 🎶 This month's pick, penned by a best-selling author known for their infectious optimism, is a heartwarming story destined to make a lasting impression on your soul.

On her high school graduation day, she faces a dual realization: firstly, her relentless pursuit of being the "Good Kid" for her mom has led her to lose sight of her true self, and secondly, she's at a crossroads about her future, unsure of her desires.

Her daring solution? A summer escapade to New York, reuniting with her childhood best friend and co-architect of their long-cherished list of shared adventures. She hopes this reunion will rekindle her adventurous spirit and set her on the path to self-discovery. Upon her arrival, their bond reignites with the same ease as in their youth, but with an unexpected twist that stirs her emotions in unanticipated directions.

As they, along with their new companions, navigate the exuberant and chaotic challenges on their list, she discovers that the greatest adventures are sometimes the emotions that bloom within one's heart.

Available for purchase until February 14th (or until we sell out), this special box includes four captivating gifts that promise to transport you through the vibrant streets of the city that never sleeps. Ready for the journey? Boxes are expected to ship in late February.

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