The Benefits of Reading to Your Children

Reading to Your Children

There is something quite wonderful about being read to as a child. We have great memories of being tucked up in bed with either our Mom or Dad sitting next to us, reading one of our favorites. It’s a combination of the safety of being in bed while listening to the sound of their voice.

My Mom used to try accents which always had us giggling. But I still recall quite clearly being snuggled in bed, listening to the words, and imagining the characters and places. It was a wonderful time I will always treasure as it made me feel special. For that was a time when it was just the two of us; it was our time together.

What are the benefits of reading to your children?

The benefits are endless, but for us, perhaps the most important benefit is the one-on-one time you get to spend with your child.

Time together, just the two of us

Our lives have become so busy; we’re always rushing: rushing to school, rushing home from school, rushing to do homework and chores, having dinner, getting ready for tomorrow – the list is endless. It is like we almost need to find an excuse to relax and spend time together. And that’s what reading to your children is all about. It is a time to bond and create memories; it’s what they like to call quality time together.

Building lasting relationships

We often take relationships with our children for granted, and before we know it, we are packing them off to college, wondering where the time went. The teenage years are rapidly approaching, so time is of the essence. 

Reading a story to your child creates endless opportunities for great conversation, and let’s be honest, trying to compete against technology is no mean feat. But a great book read by Mom or Dad, well, that trumps everything. You can talk about the characters and share what you think they look like, who your favorite is, and why. You can discuss everything from the various character’s feelings – you may even be surprised by their insights - to what you think will happen next.

And we can’t think of anything better than a child waiting excitedly for you to read the next chapter.

Sharing your love for reading

We all know how incredible the world of books is, and reading to your children is a great way of sharing your love for books. You may just end up getting them hooked as well, and they will continue to reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. It is also the perfect way to introduce them to new authors and different genres; there is a whole world waiting out there for them, hidden amongst the pages of books. Let the journey begin.  

Research shows

For those of you looking for something more academic to cling to, research shows that hearing books being read out loud improves comprehension skills and reduces stress. I can’t think of any child who won’t benefit from those two. And students who read for pleasure outside the classroom tend to have stronger language skills.

There is so much pressure on children when it comes to reading at school - learning vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, just to mention a few. One study showed that 35% of students don’t enjoy reading because being asked to analyze books makes it far less pleasurable.

It’s time to put the fun back into reading books! Grab a book and let your children simply relax and enjoy the story before their love of books completely fades. We think we need to take reading for fun as seriously as we take it from an academic perspective.

What kinds of books can you read to your children?

There are so many incredible authors just waiting to be read that you won’t be spoiled for choice. Choosing books together is another great way to get to know your child better. An outing to the local bookstore is always a great place to start. We love browsing the shelves for our next favorite – sometimes, it’s the title that catches you or the cover.

This is another opportunity to discover what interests your child. Do they know any authors? What kind of books interest them – is it a great mystery, a suspenseful thriller, a fantasy, or perhaps science fiction? And if you are at a loss as to where to start, we have the perfect monthly middle grade subscription box to help you along. Bringing books to life is what we do best!

Bring back the fun

It really doesn’t matter which author or genre you both choose. It is about spending time together, creating memories, and strengthening those bonds. It is about bringing back the joy of reading and instilling the love of reading into the next generation. 

And if listening to you read out loud isn’t filling your children with too much joy, grab the popcorn and start with an audiobook. They’ll be begging you to read out loud to them before you know it!

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