7 Ways To Get Your Kids Off Electronics and Into Books

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The rapid rise in technology has provided a host of benefits. Our lives are far easier but with the advent of all the latest games and gadgets, competing with electronics is no mean feat. It's no wonder books seem to have taken a back seat as our kids are glued to some screen or another. PlayStations, Xboxes, laptops, and mobile devices are all within easy reach. 

And let's not forget TV and the multitude of streaming services that have captured our children's unwavering attention. Research has shown that watching large amounts of TV actually reduces the volume in your frontal cortex, or more simply put; you're losing your grey matter. Mom was right, TV really will destroy those brain cells!

So how do you get your kids away from electronics and into books?

Book Subscription Boxes For Kids

Our exciting Middle Grade Book Boxes will provide your child with an unforgettable reading experience. Unlike your average monthly book club subscriptions, each month is full of surprises, and for kids, the reading experience is an interactive one. The boxes are designed to engage children’s imaginations and inspire a love of reading.

Each box contains a newly released novel with 2 to 3 wrapped gifts labelled with corresponding page numbers which have been carefully selected to bring the pages to life. As the story captivates your imagination, you can't help feeling the anticipation rise to the surface as you are prompted to open each gift at specific page numbers.

Family Book Club

Starting your own family book club is a great way to bond with each other and get to know each other better. You can choose books that are appropriate for the ages of your family members, such as Map of Flames by Lisa McMannnot. Through reading together and discussing the book, you will get to discover your child's outlook and perspective on the story, as well as build a closer bond with your family.

As you read through different stories and talk about the themes, characters, and plotlines, you can gain a better understanding of each other and learn to appreciate each other's unique perspectives. Keep in mind that a shared book is not only an enjoyable activity, but also a great way to start a meaningful conversation and connect with each other.

Make it a big event, one that the whole family will look forward to. First, there's the trip to the local bookstore to pick up this month's supply; it's great for children to physically see the huge variety of books they can choose from. And once you have captured their attention, you can then switch to online shopping.

And then, of course, it's book club night. You can dress up and sit down to a great meal at the table while you share your views and thoughts. There definitely won't be a need to wonder how to get the kids talking. On a side note, don't forget to ban those mobiles from the table!

Reading Challenge

There is nothing like a challenge to bring a competitive spirit out in each of us. A family reading challenge is a great way to get your kids to swap their electronics for a bunch of great books. Who can read the most pages or the most books? Simply decide on the prize and get reading.

Prizes don't have to cost anything; after all, we'd rather be spending our money on books. They can be simple things like the loser does the winner's chores for the week or the winner gets to choose the movie for family night. Get creative, and if you have run out of ideas, we are sure the kids will have plenty of suggestions.

Turning Games Into Books

If you have never sat down and watched your child play a game on their PlayStation or Xbox, you may be surprised to know that there is a story behind each game – although, in all honesty, some of them pass us by.

Challenge your child to write a story about their game. They can expand on the characters, add their own, or even come up with multiple endings. Go the extra mile by offering an enticing incentive – yes, play one of their games with them.

Learn a New Skill

There is a saying if you can read, you can do anything. Learning a new skill is always fun, and the options are endless. Challenge your child to learn a new skill and then teach it to the rest of the family.

Learning a new skill has so many unexpected benefits. It shows you that with a bit of perseverance, there isn't anything you can't learn how to do. It stretches you and at times, can take you out of your comfort zone. When it comes to reading books that will teach you new skills, you get the added bonus of improving your vocabulary, which is the perfect introduction to our next suggestion.

Vocabulary Challenge

We love the power and beauty of words, and so many of them go unused. The dictionary is full of words that are hardly used. Building your vocabulary is critical to advancing to the next level when it comes to reading.

Many children don't bother to find out what a new word means, and they simply carry on reading. Now that your kids are reading, it's time to challenge their vocabulary. How many new words can they learn in a week, and can they start using them on a regular basis?

Vocabulary challenges are great and so easy to do. Every time someone learns a new word, they need to write it down on a card and put the definition on the back. At the end of the week or month, it's challenge time – who has learned the most words but more importantly, do they still know what they mean?

Movie Night

So many books have been turned into movies, and it's always fun to watch one, but only after everyone has read the book! We are always surprised to see that the characters in the movies generally don't look at all like we imagined (and if we are honest, ours were always better!)

And it's fun to see how they adapted the book for the big screen - what did they leave out, what did they change, and lastly, which was better, their version or ours?

Keeping It Fun and Interactive

As we said, competing with electronics is no mean feat, but if you make it fun, engaging, and interactive, you will be more than halfway there. Just remember your kids learn from you and will follow your example, so make sure they don't always find you in front of a screen!

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