Close-up of a chessboard with pieces in play, featuring the text "Love and Chess," indicating a young adult theme that combines romance and strategy.

The Young Adult Hint November

November's Young Adult Hint is Love & Chess and we are absolutely thrilled to share it with our subscribers. This debut novel from a New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis is clever, swoonworthy, and combines elements of intellect and infatuation in the perfect autumn romance.

The story follows a young woman who has turned her back on chess after the sport led to the destruction of her family four years earlier. She focuses on taking care of her mother, her sisters, and her dead-end job until she reluctantly agrees to play in one last charity tournament. In a surprising turn of events, she defeats the current world champion and reigning bad boy of chess, igniting a desire in him to cross pawns with her again.

As she rockets up the ranks, she struggles to keep her family safely separated from the game that wrecked it in the first place. And as her love for the sport she so desperately wanted to hate begins to rekindle, she quickly realizes that the games aren’t only on the board, the spotlight is brighter than she imagined, and the competition can be fierce (-ly attractive. And intelligent…and infuriating…)

The novel explores themes of love, family, and redemption as the protagonist navigates the complex world of chess and finds herself drawn back to the sport she once hated. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good romance with a twist of intellectual competition.

The Love & Chess box is on sale now through November 14th, or until we sell out, and is expected to ship in late November. We can't wait for our subscribers to see how we've chosen to bring this latest book from one of our favorite authors to life!

A vintage bicycle leaning against an ivy-covered wall with the text "Pieces of the Past," indicating an adult theme, suggesting nostalgia and history.

The Adult Hint November

We are thrilled to share our November Adult hint - Pieces of the Past! 🧩

A mystery she can't remember. A friend she can't forget. A suspense novel unlike any other.

It is 1951, and at number six Sycamore Street, a fifteen-year-old girl feels lonely. Living with her eccentric mother and her mother's new boyfriend, she yearns for something to shake up her dull, isolated life. So when the popular, pretty girl befriends her, she thinks all her troubles will vanish. Even though her new friend has a secret, one she is unsure whether to keep.

But then her popular friend goes missing, leaving behind her secret.

Now in 2018, the secret keeper is eighty-four and still residing in the same small town. One afternoon, she catches a glimpse of her missing friend, still appearing the same as she did at fifteen. Her family dismisses it as one of her many confusions; there's much she gets muddled about these days. But she knows she holds the key to finding her childhood friend.

Time is running out, and she must assemble the clues before her friend is forgotten forever.

A captivating mystery narrated in dual timelines, this novel swiftly became a favorite of the OUABC team. On sale now through November 14th (or until we sell out), these boxes are expected to be shipped in late November.


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