Lady Violet Bridgerton: The Matriarch and her impact

Lady Violet Bridgerton

Step aside, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to give a round of applause to the one and only Lady Violet Bridgerton - the true matriarch of the popular Bridgerton series. With her impeccable charm and wit, this elegant lady has won our hearts from chapter one. And our respect, with eight children, this mother deserves a medal!

But there's far more to Lady Violet than meets the eye!  So, grab your cup of tea and settle in because we're about to unravel the secrets of matriarch Lady Violet Bridgerton's enchanting persona!

Who is Lady Violet Bridgerton?

Lady Violet was married to Viscount Edmund Bridgerton, with whom she was very much in love and together they had eight children – Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. While pregnant with Hyacinth, her beloved Edmund tragically died, and Lady Violet was devastated. 

The depth of her love can clearly be seen in her words, “Losing Edmund was the most difficult time of my life. And the pain that I felt... beyond description. But there is one thing that has given me at least some modicum of solace. It's knowing that I would still choose the life I led with him each and every time. And I would undoubtedly feel the same pain I felt all over again if I had to because real, true love is worth it. No matter what.”

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What was Lady Violet’s impact?

Lady Violet can never be described as just another character. It is her strength of character that shows that despite living in a patriarchal society, a woman is still a force to be reckoned with. It is her grit, her wisdom and unwavering love that make her stand out. Her strength of character showed 

She is an inspiration as she overcomes obstacles and challenges societal norms showing us that women can be leaders, decision-makers, and protectors. And she does all of this with such determination and grace, for Lady Violet is a confident, resilient, and independent woman.

Lady Violet’s impact can be seen in all of her children’s lives, especially when it comes to love and marriage. Her views on the importance of love and respect within a marriage profoundly impacted her children’s views as can be felt when Daphne says, “We will all need to find love one day. Indeed, a love as pure as what Mama and Papa once shared, if we are so fortunate.”

We believe it is precisely because she knew what true love felt like that she wished it for each of her children. While the majority of the mothers were out scouring the countryside for wealthy suitors for their daughters, Lady Violet, who had married for love, encouraged her children to do the same. She believes that marrying for love is also a way to be free. For if you have a loving marriage, you will have respect, and with respect, there comes a certain amount of freedom.

Lady Violet is that constant and reassuring presence in her children’s lives. It is her warmth, her wisdom, her willingness to admit when she is wrong, and her unwavering support and guidance that set her apart. She is the glue that holds the Bridgerton family together.

She may be filled with warmth, love, and compassion and treat everyone with kindness and respect but don’t be fooled, as she is an impressive match for anyone who messes with her family. Yes, never get in the way of a mother and her children!

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What are Lady Violet’s best words of wisdom?

If you ever found yourself in the wonderful world of Bridgerton, Lady Violet would definitely be your first choice when it comes to asking for advice over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Her advice is priceless and guaranteed to make an impact.

But don’t worry; we have got you covered. Here are our top five pieces of advice from one inspirational mother.

  • “We chose to love each other, every single day. It is a choice, dearest. One that is never too late to make.”
  • “However difficult forgiving someone may be, it is necessary to move forward.”
  • “You must simply marry the man who feels like your dearest friend.”
  • “We chose to love each other, every single day. It is a choice, dearest. One that is never too late to make.”
  • “The only thing that would disappoint me, is to see you starting to care what anyone else thinks.”

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