Find True Literary Love On Valentine's Day With Once Upon a Book Club

Heart-shaped bouquet of pink roses with red bow, symbolizing Literary Love on Valentine's Day with Once Upon a Book Club.

Fall in Love with Literature - Celebrating Valentine's Day with Once Upon a Book Club

It’s February, the month of love and the perfect time to go a little wild and bring the joy of reading to life through the magic of love with an added bit of spice. Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we’re renowned for bringing books to life and spreading literary fairydust far and wide—this month, we may just be taking it to a whole new level!

We know Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner, but this is also the month to take some time out and show yourself a bit of love. What better way than to have a date night with yourself and one of our Valentine’s picks? So, sit back and relax while we take you on a magical journey with our special Once Upon a Book Club’s Valentine’s celebration; perhaps we should call it Novel-tine’s Day!

Unveiling Once Upon a Book Club's Enchanting Valentine’s Selection for Adults

Limited Edition: Valentine’s Day 2024

Assorted book club gifts and teasers for Valentine's Day 2024, celebrating literary passion.

We are super excited about this year’s steamy Limited Edition Valentine’s Day 2024 book box. It’s bound to add all the spice you need—in fact, we promise we’ve never had a book brought to life like this before. This ultimate Valentine’s book box contains the sought after Raiders of the Lost Heart by Jo Segura and four exciting gifts like you haven’t seen before—but just be aware this is definitely for 18+ and contains an adults only gift.

Now that we’ve got you interested, here’s another teaser. Rival archaeologists must team up on a secret Aztec expedition, or it could leave their careers—and hearts—in ruins! Who doesn’t love a spicy enemies-to-lovers read?

Romantasy Box

Another fabulous selection is our Romantasy Volume 2 Box, featuring a special edition of The West Wind by Alexandria Warwick. This standalone fantasy romance is sprinkled with Greek lore, perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Laura Thalassa, and Scarlett St. Claire, and includes 4 incredible gifts that highlight the most intense moments and bring the story to life! 

Order this one and you are in for a special treat as this special edition has everything from exclusive hardcase artwork with unique foiling details to custom end papers and stencil edges—and let’s not forget the metal book corners!

This fabulous once-off book box also includes a signed bookplate from the author, an exclusive letter from the author to our readers, and a book club kit featuring goodies and details about the novel. 

Two champagne glasses against a romantic, bokeh light backdrop, evoking an intimate celebration.

Love in Every Page — Crafting the Perfect Romantic Reading Experience

There is an art to crafting the perfect romantic reading experience, and attention to detail is everything! For the perfect night in with your latest romance, it is all about setting the scene. 

First things first, you simply have to put your phone on silent as this is not a night you want to be disturbed. For those of you with kids, you may need to wait for them to go to sleep or chat to another tired Mom and take turns in having a sleepover so you both get some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

Creating just the right mood is super-duper easy with our amazing selection of bookish reading lights and romantic candles. Dim the lights and relax. We love to kick off our evening with a relaxing bath and then wrap ourselves in an exotic, ankle-length, floral dressing gown—remember, this is an evening to indulge yourself. 

If you’re like us then nothing says spoil me more than being snuggled up with a great romance, a glass of champagne (which reminds me—you really need one of our “I like to party and by party I mean read books” champagne flutes) and a box of chocolates.

Come on—you deserve a night where you are transported into the wonderful world of romance from the comfort of your own home. Who knows where you may land up or who you will meet after all there is love on every page!

Stylized pink book covers on a cabinet, celebrating Literary Love with Once Upon a Book Club.

Once Upon a Book Club — Rekindling Passion for Reading — A Valentine's Day Wrapped in Literary Love

Once Upon a Book Club is so much more than a book box subscription service, it's a gateway to a world of literary adventures. We are a community that thrives on reading the latest novels, sharing our insights and yes, most of us are known for decorating our homes with the best bookish products around.

We love shared reading experiences, and our Facebook community is one of the best around! You won’t regret joining our Facebook Chat and becoming part of the Once Upon a Book Club family. Join your fellow literary lovebugs (our term of endearment for anyone who infectiously spreads their love of books and reading) and experience the joy and wonder of discovering new worlds and meeting new characters.

Our monthly book box subscriptions are the perfect way to rekindle your passion for reading. Each month you will receive a latest novel accompanied by our famous surprise gifts. It's an opportunity to expand your literary horizons with new authors and genres and the best part —it’s like having a birthday every month!


We hope we have inspired you to take some time out for yourself and have a date with a great book. Whether you choose our Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Box or the Romantasy Box, you are in for a treat. Create your own romantic reading experience and set the scene, relax, and read. 

And while you’re ordering your Valentine’s read, why not order one for your best friend? Trust us, these books will have you chatting for hours over coffee next time you meet up!

But don’t make this a once-a-year date with yourself, with our monthly book boxes you’ll need a minimum of 12. Remember, if you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after anyone else.

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