5 Tips For Making Reading An Essential Part of Your Life

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At Once Upon a Book Club, we hold a deep appreciation for the world of literature. For us, reading is not just a pastime; it's a gateway to enchanting realms, a respite from the demands of life, and a source of endless pleasure. We understand that in the whirlwind of daily responsibilities, finding time for reading can be a challenge.

However, fear not, for we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you rekindle your reading habit and make it a cherished part of your routine. After all, you deserve that much-needed 'me' time, and we've been known to indulge in a good book even in the most unexpected places. So, let's embark on a journey to prioritize reading in your life.


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Make it a Priority

One of the foremost reasons many of us struggle to maintain a regular reading habit is the failure to prioritize it. Life's demands can easily overshadow our desire to read, but just like any other important aspect of life, reading too deserves intentional prioritization. It's time to recognize that reading is not a luxury but a necessity for the soul.

Incorporate reading into your daily schedule by setting aside a specific time for it. It could be as simple as dedicating 20 minutes before bedtime or utilizing your lunch break at work. When you make reading a priority, it becomes a non-negotiable part of your routine, much like that evening glass of wine that signals relaxation. Power down your phone, close the laptop, and immerse yourself in a good book. You'll be amazed at how swiftly time passes when you prioritize reading.


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There is Always Time

As avid bookworms, we firmly believe that there is always time for a few pages, no matter the circumstances. We've honed the art of stealing moments to dive into the world of words. Whether you're waiting to pick up your children from school or keeping an eye on the oven timer, those spare minutes are perfect for a quick reading session. A book is our constant companion, readily available to transform even the most mundane moments into opportunities for literary escape. When someone asks what we've been up to, proudly declaring, "I've been reading all day," is a testament to our dedication.


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Mix it Up

Repetition can lead to monotony, and the same holds true for reading habits. If you find yourself growing weary of a particular genre, it's time to infuse some variety into your reading list. Explore different genres, from romance and thrillers to memoirs and historical dramas.

Variety is the spice of literary life, and it keeps the reading experience fresh and exciting. If you're uncertain about where to start, seek recommendations from friends and family or consider our enticing book box subscriptions. We may be biased, but we'd opt for the latter.


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Find Your Happy Place

Reading is synonymous with comfort and relaxation, so it's essential to discover a reading nook where you can lose yourself in the pages of a good book. Whether it's a cozy corner in your bedroom, a sun-drenched spot in your garden, or your favorite couch, identify a location where you can read in peace and contentment.

Transform it into your personal sanctuary, your go-to happy place. When you associate reading with comfort and joy, you'll eagerly anticipate your reading sessions. And remember, we offer an array of bookish accessories to elevate your reading experience in your newfound happy place.

Join a Book Club

Transforming reading into a social activity can reignite your enthusiasm for books and ensure you stay on course with your reading goals. There's something magical about engaging in book discussions with friends and gaining fresh perspectives on the same story.

Not only will you uncover new literary gems, but it's also an enjoyable way to connect with fellow book lovers. If there isn't a book club in your local library or community center, consider initiating one with a group of friends. All it takes is a shared passion for reading and some captivating books.

Alternatively, if the thought of leaving your home for book club meetings doesn't appeal to you, consider joining ours and enrolling in our monthly book box subscriptions. Our Facebook Community offers the perfect virtual book club experience, where you can connect with readers worldwide—all from the comfort of your beloved couch.


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Make Reading a Part of Your Self-Care Routine

Reading isn't merely a pastime; it's a powerful form of self-care. It provides an opportunity to escape the stress and chaos of daily life, immersing oneself in captivating narratives. Thus, it's imperative to incorporate reading into your self-care routine. We're convinced that it's just as vital as your treasured retinol face cream, if not more so, given its stress-reducing benefits that result in fewer wrinkles.

Whether it involves reading a few chapters before bedtime, taking a book to the park for an afternoon of serenity, or embarking on a reading retreat, ensure that you set aside time for quality reading. Not only will it aid in relaxation and rejuvenation, but it will also offer a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Celebrate your act of prioritizing yourself for once—we'll try not to use the term 'shelf-ish' too often, but sometimes, it's necessary.

It’s Essential

Incorporating reading as an essential aspect of your life entails intentional prioritization, diversifying your reading selections, discovering a comforting reading nook, engaging in book club discussions, and making it a cornerstone of your self-care regimen. Whether you seek an escape from reality, desire to expand your knowledge, or simply crave enjoyment, reading serves as a versatile conduit. So, pick up a book, locate your favorite reading spot, and allow yourself to be enraptured by a captivating story. Reading isn't just a pastime—it's an essential component of a fulfilling life.


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Making Reading a Lifelong Habit

In addition to these five tips, remember that making reading an essential part of your life is a journey. Embrace the process of discovering new genres, setting aside time for yourself, and building a community around your love for books. It's not just about cultivating a habit; it's about creating a lifestyle that revolves around the joy of reading.

By incorporating these practices into your routine, you'll find that reading becomes more than a hobby—it becomes an integral part of your identity. So, keep exploring, keep reading, and keep the love for books alive in your heart. After all, the stories within those pages have the power to inspire, comfort, and transform us in ways we never imagined possible.

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