The Young Adult Hint: High Seas Heist

The Young Adult Hint: High Seas Heist

Pulling off the perfect heist is always a challenge, but here on the open seas, the chance of success and survival is truly put to the test.

From the author of The Henna Wars, we bring you the heist of all heists. Board the RMS Titanic and head to sea for the adventure of a lifetime.

What do a thief, an artist, an acrobat, and an actress have in common? These four girls must work together using their unique talents to steal the ultimate prize – the Rubaiyat, a jewel-encrusted book that may just be the answer to all their problems.

If only life were that simple. As you read on, you will discover that old grudges, careless mistakes, and the potential of romance can change even the best of plans in an instant, and destroy everything they have worked for.

Get ready to navigate your way through first-class passengers and suspicious crew members in this heart-pounding romantic adventure centered around an impossible heist. As you find yourself caught up in this gripping suspense-filled story, remember that where the Titanic is concerned, danger and tragedy are always nearby. Your chances of survival? A million to one!

The Ultimate Heist

Who doesn't love a great heist story? It is the one time when we pray for the "criminals" to succeed. We sit back in admiration as their elaborate plan unfolds page by page. It is a game of wits and one we so desperately want them to win. It is the thrill and the escapism that attracts us from the beginning.

Perhaps it is their bravery or courage we applaud or the brilliance of their plan, but if we are honest, we know that we have inadvertently become their accomplices and are rooting for them. We begin to feel like them and see things the way they do. We've become a member of the gang, and we have a job to do!

Who should be reading this novel?

This is perfect for those young adults seeking an adventure filled with suspense and intrigue interspersed with those nail-biting moments we love to hate, and let's not forget that touch of romance. And for those fans of Stalking Jack the Ripper and Girl in the Blue Coat, this will be a welcome addition to their collection.

At Once Upon A Book Club, we believe in bringing books to life – it's all about the experience. So steady your balance as we whirl you into the world of high-seas heists; just remember to keep that life jacket in sight; it is the Titanic, after all!

Is there anything about the novel that could trigger any sort of unpleasant feelings?

We understand that triggers can be a very personal experience, and we acknowledge that there may be other triggering content that is not covered below.

We hope to give you as much information as possible by advising that this book contains mild descriptions of death, classism, and racism.

If any of the above may be triggering for you to read about and you would like to skip/switch your box this month, please email our customer service team by clicking here, and someone will assist in ensuring your subscription is adjusted accordingly.

Final thoughts on adult hint: High Seas Heist 

Four courageous girls take on the heist of a lifetime while tragedy looms on the horizon. This exciting escapade will have you on the edge of your seat as you hold your breath, not knowing what will happen next.

This story has been described as the perfect combination of the Titanic and Oceans 8. Packed with adventure, this extraordinary heist follows the girls on their quest to steal the ultimate book while they find so much more – the courage inside themselves.

Besides being full of adventure, this month's exciting book box is packed with our unbeatable unique features, including a custom-designed dust jacket, a beautifully foiled hard case, and page edges, as well as themed endpapers.

On sale now through January 14th (or until we sell out!) Our stunning Once Upon a Book Club Experience Edition novel is definitely not one to be missed! Boxes are expected to ship in late January.

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