"The Christmas Box" - a pink hardcover special edition of Through the Snow Globe is centered, surrounded by gifts: three boxes and a drawstring bag. The boxes and bags all have page numbers.
a hardcover copy of a special edition of Through the Snow Globe laying against a stack of 3 other copies. The book is pink with sprayed blue edges with white snowflakes
"Christmas Sneak Peek" - hardcover special edition of Through the Snow Globe next to two boxes

Limited Edition - Christmas 2023 Box (Ready-to-Ship)

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Once Upon a Book Club presents their Christmas Box selection, Through the Snow Globe by bestselling author, Annie Rains!

This year's Christmas box will feature a stunning custom hardcover edition of Through The Snow Globe by Annie Rains plus 4 wrapped gifts that bring this incredible book to life. ⁠

Our beautiful custom edition features:⁠

  • A custom dust jacket designed by the OUABC team⁠
  • Beautiful digital edges
  • Unique foiling on the hardcase
  • Stunning custom endpapers⁠

Hand signed bookplates from the author that match our edition.⁠

We cannot wait to share this special edition with all of you, paired with some of our most festive gifts to bring this story to life!

How It Works!
  1. Start reading your monthly book! Each box includes an exciting new read and your experience begins the moment you turn to page one.
  2. As you read, you'll find "Open Your Gift" sticky notes! Unwrap the gift with the matching page number and experience the book coming to life before your eyes!
  3. Chat about your reading experience with readers around the globe! Our private Facebook group is the perfect place to meet dedicated readers like you!

About the Book

Perfect for readers of "One Day in December" by Josie Silver, this enchanting new novel by USA Today bestselling author Annie Rains with touches of "It’s a Wonderful Life" and "Groundhog Day" follows a woman dangerously close to losing it all as she receives an unexpected Christmas gift that prompts a surprising journey of self-discovery...and another chance at happiness.

What if you could have one more day with someone you lost?

Diana is probably the only person in the small town of Snow Haven, North Carolina, who isn’t looking forward to Christmas. Three weeks after her fiancé Linus was critically injured when a car hit him, watching him open his eyes is the only gift she wants, but she can’t help losing a little more hope every day.

Finding a snow globe the night before Christmas Eve changes things in ways Diana never would have imagined. Because on Christmas Eve she wakes up to find that it’s not—Christmas Eve, that is. Instead, it’s somehow the day her fiancé got hurt all over again and she immediately starts a plan to save her partner from his fate.

Instead of a single repeat of that day, Diana finds herself in an endless loop of the same day! She uncovers startling truths about herself, her relationship, and her career that illustrate the ways she’s retreated from her life and from her deepest feelings. Suddenly hope is second only to joy as she opens her heart to the people she loves in every way she can!

This box is not affiliated with our monthly subscriptions and will be available for individual purchase. Our subscribers will still receive a December box, but please note December will not be Christmas related.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I get one for my sister every Christmas! So fun


Loved everything about this book and box!


Very good story. Makes you think about what you would do if it all happened to you. Gifts are precious.

Christari Michael
Book is Beautiful, Loved the Gifts

The book itself is breathtaking. Beautiful cover and spine under the dust cover, even the edge of the book is decorated in beautiful snowflakes. Story is a good Christmas stories. Loved the gifts.


Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous! I was so excited when I saw the book in all its glory. I’m one surprise gift in and it was amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Book Clubber Testimonials


I love Once Upon a Book Club. Each month offers a book with a collection of gifts that bring the words on the pages to life. My collection is growing and I even had to purchased new book shelves. I love the boxes!

Mitzi V.
Lake Charles, LA

Once Upon a Book Club is a reader’s delight. The concept of this book box is so unique, it combines your love of reading with the joy opening presents.

Darrie D.
Oceanside, NY

The gifts truly bring the story to life and perfectly match what’s happening in the story. For example-the main character might have gotten a bracelet from her best friend in the story. And then you get that bracelet as a gift! It’s so fun because it’s an immersive experience.

Monique B.
Elmhurst, IL

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