A hardcover edition of The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh lays on a green Once Upon a Book Club box. In front of the box are a white tube, bookmark, quote card, black ball, bookclub kit, signature card, and white drawstring bag. The bag, tube, and ball are all labeled with page numbers.
A hardcover edition of The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea stands on a green Once Upon a Book Club box. In front of the box are a blue and white drawstring bag, black ball, and white and pink tube. All gifts have page numbers on them.

Mythical Sea Curse - Full Box

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Grab a February 2022 Young Adult box featuring The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by bestselling author Axie Oh, plus 3 beautiful gifts that bring this captivating tale to life! Don't forget to subscribe to save on future boxes!

How It Works!
  1. Start reading your monthly book! Each box includes an exciting new read and your experience begins the moment you turn to page one.
  2. As you read, you'll find "Open Your Gift" sticky notes! Unwrap the gift with the matching page number and experience the book coming to life before your eyes!
  3. Chat about your reading experience with readers around the globe! Our private Facebook group is the perfect place to meet dedicated readers like you!

About the Book

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2022)

For generations, lethal tempests have devastated Mina's homeland. Entire villages vanish beneath floods, and bloody conflicts erupt over the dwindling supplies. Her people mourn, believing the Sea God, once their guardian, now damns them with demise and sorrow. In a bid to mollify him, a beautiful maiden is annually sacrificed to the sea, hopeful that the "true bride" will emerge and cease their anguish.

Many are convinced that Shim Cheong, the village's fairest maiden and the darling of Mina’s elder brother Joon, is this prophesied bride. Yet, on the eve Cheong is destined for sacrifice, Joon cannot hold back, trailing Cheong into the depths, fully aware of the fatal penalty for his actions. To rescue her brother, Mina offers herself to the sea in Cheong's place.

Cast into the Spirit Realm, a mystical city inhabited by lesser deities and legendary creatures, Mina's quest leads her to the Sea God, only to discover him ensnared in a magical slumber. Assisted by Shin, an enigmatic youth, alongside an eclectic band of demons, gods, and spirits, Mina embarks on a mission to awaken the Sea God and put an end to the devastating storms for good.

Yet, time is against her: A mortal's life thread thins quickly in the spirit world. And there exist forces that would go to great lengths to ensure the Sea God remains asleep…

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Wonderful Story and Spot-On Gifts

The book was fantastic, and the Ghibli inspirations were as clear as day. I read it all in one go within about three hours. The gifts were great too. Perfect for the part of the story they were from, bringing just a small part of it to life. If you like stories about other worlds and family and strength, then this box is for you!


Such a good box!

Book and gifts were amazing!

I absolutely LOVED this book!! It was a great story and the gifts were all amazing, especially the mini tea set!


Everything came in tact

Toishinna L.
Family honor

What does the main character and Mulan have in common? They would do anything to protect their family. This is what I loved about this book and so much more. I don't think I would have the will power to do what the main character did in the first few pages. The gifts really surprised me, one in particular was just a joy to have.

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