Middle Grade 2023

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Survival Island

February Box

The Forgotten Five: Map of Flames by Lisa McMann
  • Page 117
    "Seven let the encyclopedia fall open to the Ch section. There was a folded slip of paper inside that he thought at first was being used as a bookmark. He pulled it out and opened it. 'What's this?' Cabot's eyes widened as Seven examined it. She casually leaned in to read it, too."
    - a printed version of the letter written in the story.
  • Page 154
    "They went together, rising out of the water in their gray parachute clothing and backpacks. When they were waist deep, Tenner stopped to pull the sunglasses out of his backpack and put them on."
    - a set of night vision spy goggles and an invisible ink pen (inside the box)
  • Page 202
    "She turned the backpack inside out. At the bottom of the main compartment, she spied a small pocket held shut with Velcro. She pressed it and felt something lump. 'Secret compartment.' She pulled the Velcro apart, then reached inside. Her eyes widened as she pulled out a tiny velvet pouch. Carefully she loosened the pouch strings, then poured the contents into her hand. They sparkled in the sun. 'Diamonds,' she whispered, then swiftly counted them. 'Thriteen of them.'"
    - a bright teal, one-shoulder backpack plus a small drawstring bag containing thirteen diamonds, just like in the story!