Adult 2023

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The Sleuth and the Chef

May Box

Mastering the Art of French Murder by Colleen Cambridge
  • Page 62
    "She flipped over the dough and continued to roll it with angry vigor, then stopped abruptly and looked down at the poor pastry."
    - a custom printed silicone baking mat.
  • Page 223
    "Finally, I took a chance and huddled into the recessed doorway as far as I could. Gripping the key ring between my teeth, I held the flashlight by cupping my hand over the front of it to block the light."
    - a custom pink motel keychain that says 'follow me to the bookstore'.
  • Page 257
    "'Oh, thank heavens! How I've missed you, dear, dear chef's knife.'"
    - a custom designed knife set including a paring knife, chef's knife, and cleaver.
  • The BFF Pact

    April Box

    Happy Place by Emily Henry
  • Page 91
    "I grab a loose Maine blueberry and throw it at her. At the front of the store, someone is whooping. "We Are the Champions" starts to play over phone speakers."
    - a QR code to listen to "We Are the Champions" by Queen.
  • Page 97
    "Parth and Sabrina herd us toward the register. Cleo gets her mushroom book and I buy 'Death by Design', and then we step out into the cobbled street."
    - a cozy mystery novel. Subscribers randomly received either Murder in the Reading Room by Ellery Adams, Murder in the Locked Library by Ellery Adams,Death Bee Comes Her by Nancy Coco, or Big Trouble in Little Greektown by Kate Collins.
  • Page 213
    "Kimmy spikes a beach ball right at us, and I dive away from Wyn, my face tingling, my smile aching, my whole body buzzing."
    - a custom, sparkle-filled beach ball.
  • Page 283
    "The shower door unlatches and whines open. I hear the rasp of a towel being pulled from the hook and wrapped against skin."
    - a 70"x38" 100% cotton towel.
  • Dangerous Fairytales

    March Box

    The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi
  • Page 7
    "The two drinks look identical: a rich amber whiskey with a perfectly clear sphere of ice. I opened the letter."
    - an ice sphere mold.
  • Page 58
    "Indigo and I sat at the dining-room table, halfheartedly piecing together a puzzle that she told me would become a door to the kingdom of mermaids if we finished it before midnight."
    - a custom puzzle.
  • Page 175
    "My hands were full of treasures - the jar with the one rattle tooth, and the cassette tape - You're my favorite blue. Love, Lyric."
    - a custom printed, cassette tape sponge.
  • Page 268
    "We wore no jewelry, but we dusted our arms and chests with pulverized pearls. Indigo spritzed herself with perfume."
    - a custom bottle of apple scented perfume.
  • The Life That Got Away

    February Box

    Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn
  • Page 29
    "Finally, though, I find it: a thin, brightly colored, flower-patterned robe Nadia gave me during a closet cleanout a few years ago. This is the kind of robe you put on when you've lost your job and your former teacher thinks you're pathetic, and your best friend might think you are, too."
    - a custom, navy, floral satin robe.
  • Page 110
    "I can see the flicker-flame of the not-meant-to-be-romantic candle in the bright pools of her eyes, and they look full of the kind of hope I'm not used to having directed at me unless it's about repairing pillows."
    - a custom, metal tinned, citronella and lavender candle. 10oz.
  • Page 218
    "But beside me, I can tell Georgie's lost her nerve. She tugs at her ball cap, looks down toward her boots."
    - a custom pink, ponytail baseball hat with the words Book Nerd embroidered on the front.
  • Page 331
    "I uncap the Sharpie. I look up at her and set the marker against my skin. And I write the wish I wanted to make all along."
    - a miniature black sharpie marker.
  • Mystery at the Grand Hotel

    January Box

    Her Sister's Death by K.L. Murphy
  • Page 81
    "Terry pushes the calendar across the countertop and taps one of the blocks on the page, a Saturday two weeks before Sylvia died. He reads the entry out loud. 'S.M. Seven o'clock.'"
    - a custom calendar for 2023 featuring twelve stunning art deco prints from artist Virginia Frances Sterrett
  • Page 108
    "There's no crime scene tape or extra lock, nothing to keep someone from entering other than a single Do Not Enter sign hanging from the door."
    - a custom, round wooden sign that reads Do Not Enter Recovering from a Book Hangover.
  • Page 131
    "He picks up a paperclip and twists it into something unrecognizable."
    - a small box of book shaped paperclips in gold and rose gold tones.
  • Page 254
    "Without waiting for him to comment, she ran to her door and pulled the key from her pocket. Hand shaking, she dropped it. The key bounced on the carpet."
    - a custom, die cut key bookmark with tassel.