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Book Club Lifestyle collection

Bring a touch of Book Club Lifestyle to your home with pieces that remind you of your favorite Book Club boxes!


    About our Book Club Lifestyle Collection

    Book Club Lifestyle: Perfect Gifts for Avid Readers

    Welcome to Book Club Lifestyle: Perfect Gifts for Avid Readers, your ultimate destination for finding the most enchanting book club gifts. This collection is specifically designed with the book club enthusiast in mind, offering a wide range of thoughtfully selected items that are perfect for enhancing the communal reading experience. 

    From bespoke bookmarks that mark your journey through the latest club pick, to cozy reading lights that extend your evening discussions, each gift is intended to deepen the love and appreciation for stories shared among friends. 

    Whether you're looking to reward your book club members for their insightful contributions or simply want to elevate your own reading routine, our selection of book club gifts is sure to inspire and delight any avid reader.

    Book Club Gifts: The 'Shh I'm Reading' Sun Hat for Outdoor Readers

    The Shh I'm Reading Sun Hat is an exclusive, stylish accessory perfect for readers who enjoy soaking up the sun with a good book. Originating from the March 2020 Adult box, this black and white hat not only offers shade for outdoor reading sessions but also serves as a playful statement piece for book lovers. It's designed for those leisurely days spent with a novel in hand, signaling to others the joy of being engrossed in a good story. 

    Jane Austen Wallet for Classic Literature Fans

    The Limited Edition - Jane Austen Wallet is a special item created for Black Friday 2020, featuring a design inspired by the classic book Pride and Prejudice. This wallet is a charming accessory for Jane Austen fans and literature lovers alike, offering a stylish way to carry essentials while showcasing a love for classic literature. 

    Through Thick and Thin Pearl Bracelet Inspired by Literature

    The Through Thick and Thin - Freshwater Pearl & 18k Gold Bracelet is inspired by We Are Not Like Them by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza. This stunning jewelry piece features a freshwater pearl with a rose hue on an 18k gold-plated bracelet. It also includes a unique letter from the authors exclusively for Once Upon a Book Club readers, enhancing the connection between literature and wearable art. 

    Geological Elegance: Spellbinding Friendship - Agate Geode Coasters

    The Spellbinding Friendship - Agate Geode Coasters set includes four unique agate geode slice coasters, each edged with gold. The size and color of each coaster vary, adding a distinctive and natural elegance to any setting. These coasters are not only functional, protecting surfaces from beverage stains, but also serve as beautiful decor pieces, reflecting the geological wonders of nature. They're a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal for any book club gathering or as a gift for geology enthusiasts. 

    Eco-Chic Clean: Leaves of Magic Swedish Dishcloth Set for Book Clubs

    The Leaves of Magic - Swedish Dishcloth Set offers four environmentally friendly dishcloths inspired by Forty Words for Love by Aisha Saeed. These versatile, biodegradable cloths, each with a unique color and pattern, are ideal for book club gatherings, combining practicality with a touch of magic. They're perfect for cleaning up spills during lively discussions or cooking sessions based on themes from the book. 

    Flex & Reflect: Advent 2022 Travel Yoga Mat for Book Lovers on the Go

    The Advent 2022 - Travel Yoga Mat is a baby pink, ultra-squishy mat designed for yoga enthusiasts who are always on the move. This mat folds down into a thin square, making it perfect for travel. It features custom designs of women engaged in reading and yoga, marrying the love for books with the practice of yoga. This mat is ideal for bookworms who also cherish their wellness routines, offering a stylish and practical solution for yoga anywhere. 

    Enhancing Your Book Club Experience with Thoughtful Gifts

    As we conclude our exploration of Book Club Lifestyle: Perfect Gifts for Avid Readers, it's clear that the right book club gifts can transform reading from a solitary pursuit into a rich, communal experience. These carefully curated selections not only cater to the avid reader’s heart but also echo the spirit of sharing and discussion that book clubs cherish. 

    Ideal for any occasion, these gifts aim to enrich the book club experience, bringing joy and a deeper connection to the stories that move us. So, as you continue on your literary journey, remember that the best stories are those shared with friends, enhanced by the perfect gift.