Our September 2023 Hints are Here!

Empty red theater seats with a central aisle leading to darkness, featuring the text "Murder, She Wrote," indicating an adult mystery theme.


We are so thrilled to share our September Adult hint - Murder, She Wrote! ✍️

An ambitious screenwriter tries to solve her friend’s disappearance by re-creating their fateful final girls’ trip in this riveting locked-room mystery from the author of All Dressed Up.

It should have been the perfect spring break: Five girlfriends at a remote winery on the Oregon coast. But then their beautiful and magnetic friend vanished without a trace. Now, years later, she spots her friend's doppelganger at a local café. She is inspired to finally tell her friend's story but first, she needs to know what really happened on that fateful night.

She gets the girls together for a reunion weekend at the scene of the crime under the guise of reconnecting. One of them knows the truth. But what have they each been hiding? And how much can she trust anything she learns from them . . . or even her own memories of her friend's last days?

Suspenseful, propulsive, and interspersed with scenes from an eerie screenplay, this novel is an unforgettable mystery that examines culpability, the shiny rearview mirror of Hollywood storytelling, and the pitfalls of female friendship.

On sale now through September 14th (or until we sell out), this is a box you will not forget. Boxes are expected to ship in late September.

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A mystical forest with red leaves and a misty atmosphere, featuring the text "Leaves of Magic," indicating a young adult fantasy theme.


We are so pleased to share our September Young Adult hint - Leaves of Magic! 🍂⁠


In this genre-bending young adult novel by a New York Times bestselling author, two teen protagonists grow from friends to something more in the aftermath of a tragedy in their magical town.


Moonlight Bay is a magical place—or it was once. After a tragic death mars the town, the pink and lavender waters in the bay turn gray, and the forest that was a refuge for newcomers becomes a scourge to the townspeople. The tourists have stopped coming. And the people in the town are struggling.


This includes the two teens at the heart of our story. She is a child of the town, and her parents are trying and failing to make ends meet. He is an immigrant, a child of Willow Forest. The forest of Moonlight Bay was where people from his community relocated when their home was destroyed. Except Moonlight Bay is no longer a welcoming refuge, and tensions between the townspeople and his people are growing.


They have been friends since he first arrived, nearly ten years ago. As they’ve gotten older, their friendship has blossomed - not that they would ever act on these feelings. The forest elders have long warned that falling in love with “outsiders” will lead to devastating consequences for anyone from Willow Forest. But is this actually true? Can they find a way to be together despite it all?


On sale now through September 14th, (or until we sell out), this is a stunning tale of friendship and magic you will not want to miss. Boxes are expected to ship at the end of September.

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