Young Adult 2022

Hover over the photo of the wrapped gifts to see the complete unboxing underneath!

Generational Healing

March Box

All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir
  • Page 90
    "Noor's bracelets jangle as she reaches for the phone. The sun catches her cheekbone, painting it a deep golden brown."
    - a stunning set of three beaded bracelets, inspired by Noor's.
  • Page 233
    "When the color is back in her skin and the first aid kit is put away, I find the kite buried beneath canvas shopping bags, a floral sheet, and a rusty steering wheel lock."
    - a floral 'sheet' shower curtain, including shower curtain rings.
  • Page 361
    "That's when the first book arrives. It's brand new from some online mega chain - we're not allowed to get used books in here. It's called The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson."
    - a cardboard postcard featuring the cover of The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson, inside a custom designed, zippered book sleeve for taking your books with you on the go. (fits one, standard-sized hardcover novels)
  • Mythical Sea Curse

    February Box

    The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh
  • Page 147
    "Though the days are long, I keep busy. Betrothal gifts arrive from all the prominent houses-tea sets, celadon vases, mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes..."
    - a beautiful, stacking ceramic tea set including two cups, a tea strainer, teapot, and lid. (hand wash only).
  • Page 172
    "A single writing table is positioned at the back of the room before a paper screen. It's a beautiful screen, four times the length of the one in Shin's room, and twice its height. Each of its panels shows the life stages of a crane, from newborn hatchling to the last panel, which shows the crane in flight..."
    - a wooden hanging frame, holding a canvas art print of a flying crane. (wooden frame can be opened and used for other artwork.
  • Page 247
    "Shin slips his hand into his robes and pulls out a silk purse. He unknots the drawstring, and the pebble carved with the lotus flower tumbles out."
    - a small zippered coin purse containing a lotus flower shaped tea light candle.
  • Page 311
    "I turn from the sea and retrace my steps back home, where I wake hours later to the clanking of drums and the whistling of a bamboo flute. The Sea God's festival has begun."
    - a QR code to give readers the opportunity to listen to the flute and music inspired by the Sea God's festival.
  • The Romanov Princess

    January Box

    The Storyteller by Kathryn Williams
  • Page 42
    "The trunk hunkers under the far window of my bedroom, where my mom and I lugged it that afternoon. Cross-legged, I sink before it. I pluck a random journal from the heap. The cover's brown leather is embossed with an ornate double-headed eagle, and the edges of the pages are gilded. Very gently, I flip it open and am greeted with the almondy-sweet scent of library; the decay of paper and ink."
    - a library-scented 3oz candle.
  • Page 270
    "'Did Papa say why he had chosen me?' 'She has always been the bravest.' It is a responsibility greater than any person should ever bear. The clock in the drawing room struck eight o'clock."
    - a wooden wall clock featuring the quote 'Objects are Stories in Physical Form.' (requires one AA battery)
  • Page 330
    "The third and final box holds more papers. The letter at the bottom of the box, has one word written on the front of the envelope; Henry. It's the handwriting that stops me cold: spidery, familiar cursive - only it's in English. As I turn the envelope over in my hands, they tremble. The letter has never been opened."
    - a wooden book fund box containing the first page of the letter to Henry. (features slide opening on back to empty of contents)