Middle Grade Theme

 A cartoon drawn beach scene featuring a sandy beach, crisp water, and a puffy clouds. On the beach is the book "The Lost Whale" by Hannah Gold featuring a whale swimming through the ocean next to a diver. Written at the top of the image is "Middle Grade Theme" and the words "Ocean's Promise"

The Middle Grade Theme

We are so excited to share our March Middle Grade theme, Ocean's Promise!  🌊🐋⁠⁠

This month's box will feature a copy of "The Lost Whale" by Hannah Gold, a SIGNED signature plate from the author, plus two incredible gifts that bring this story to life!⁠

When Rio is sent to live with a grandmother he barely knows in California, he feels completely alone. Then he makes a new friend on the foggy beach—a girl named Marina, who teaches him about the massive grey whales that migrate nearby.⁠

As Rio grows to love the whales, he discovers that his mother loved them, too. He’s suddenly sure that if he can somehow find a way to connect her with these gentle giants – and especially with a particular whale named White Beak – she will get better and come to join him in California. But White Beak is missing—and Rio must embark on a desperate journey across the dangerous ocean to find her. ⁠

A gorgeous story about adventure, recovery, and love, this novel is a fierce celebration of friendship including information about the struggles facing real gray whales in current times.⁠

This box is on sale now through March 4th (or until we sell out)! Boxes are expected to ship in early March.⁠