What unique gift could you get for a book lover?

All of us have reader friends whose love for books sometimes feels like they love books more than they love life. If you have one or more such friends, you might often find it confusing to find unique gifts for them. However, at Once Upon A Book Club, you can browse various unique gifts dedicated to book lovers irrespective of age, gender, and reading habits.

Read on to learn about some of the gift options you can pick from at Once Upon A Book Club - the best for online book subscription boxes.

best gifts for book lovers

Write Your Own Story - Pens & Pouch

This gift is meant for book lovers who love a good pen in an adorable faux leather pouch. The pen and pencil pouch is made of faux leather; inside the pouch, you will find 3 brightly colored ink pens that write in black. It's sure to encourage any book lover to draw inspiration from their favorite books and start writing their own material. $15 is all it will take to buy this gift.

The Romanov Princess Wall Clock

The Romanov Princess - Wall Clock

A beautiful wall clock inspired by Kathryn Williams' The Storyteller, this is nothing short of a heaven-send for Kathryn Williams fans. It also features one of the novel's most memorable quotes: "Objects are stories in physical form." Priced reasonably at $30, the wall clock would amazingly complement the room of a fan of The Storyteller. At Once Upon A Book Club, you can also choose a book subscription box that would give you the ownership of a physical copy of the novel.


Advent Calendar - Wine Chiller

This metal wine chiller is quintessential for book lovers who love to sip on their favorite wines while reading. The chiller delivers perfect insulation. It only costs $45 and will save book lovers frequent trips to the refrigerator to sip on some chilled wine. If you don't know a book lover cum wine connoisseur, don't worry; this chiller can also be used to store things like utensils. You can even use it as a vase.

book reader gifts

Book-Years-Eve Champagne Flute

For many people, the end of the current year and the beginning of a new one are all about parties. However, for many book lovers, the best parties are those that involve books, champagne, and a whole lot of reading. This will make for the perfect New Year's present if you know someone like that. Priced at $15 only, this custom champagne glass is part of the Once Upon A Book Club's Limited Edition Book-Year's-Eve subscription box, which is among the best subscription boxes we offer.

best book reader gifts

Shh I'm Reading Sun Hat

A sunny day on the beach is often best spent with books. However, the last thing you would want while reading a book at the beach is to be approached by someone for a conversation. So, let the people outdoors know you're reading with this gorgeous sunhat priced only at $24. This is a reprised version of the sunhat in our Adult box in March 2020. All in all, this sunhat is a Once Upon A Book Club exclusive that would fit any book lover's wardrobe.

Once Upon A Book Club: Redefining the book subscription box concept

So, those were a few fantastic gifts you can buy for your book-loving friends at Once Upon A Book Club. Since its inception, Once Upon A Book Club has been dedicated to providing readers with access to quality books at affordable prices.

Once Upon A Book Club has also worked towards redefining the concept of book subscription boxes. When you subscribe to Once Upon A Book Club, you don't just receive books; you receive memorable experiences that you can own for life. So, take your time on the Once Upon A Book Club website, breathe, and explore your heart's content. You are sure to find something that delights the reader in you.

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