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Products / Limited Edition - Bookish Advent Calendar 2021 (PRE-ORDER!)

Limited Edition - Bookish Advent Calendar 2021 (PRE-ORDER!)


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Product Description

Our Advent Calendar recipients will receive a novella of about 150 pages featuring 12 short stories (each 10-15 pages long) featuring one of the 12 gifts. Each story is written by a different author who wrote these tales specifically to bring our selected gifts to LIFE! As you read each short story, you'll be prompted at key moments within them to open the corresponding gift for the day. These gifts are all incredibly useful, beautiful items, perfect for the bookworm in ALL of us! These gifts are NOT Christmas themed (only the wrapping is to match the season!) and each item can be used and enjoyed year-round. Each box will include a custom and exclusive book of 12 short stories that can only be found in our box, along with 12 beautiful gifts (one for each story!). This box has a value of over $400! As usual, this year's box will feature four days where the wrapped gifts will be full-length, published novels, however this year we will be offering an Adult version and a Young Adult version! Each version will include different novels on these four days. The other eight days of gifts will be the same in both boxes, so please bear in mind that ONLY the books are different in each box. We will have extra books from BOTH the Adult and Young Adult boxes available for individual purchase in January for those of you who do not want a duplicate set of the other eight gifts. Shipping is free within the USA. Boxes are planned to ship at the end of November.

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