Once Upon a Book Club - Past_Boxes_Young_2021
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January Box

Butter, Sugar, and Love Stories

images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant
  • Page 46
    "I'm planning on saying as little as possible on the drive over to Chrysalis, allowing myself to stew in my bad moon, so I can hopefully get it out of my system. But that intention goes out the window when I open the passenger door. 'Oh my god, what the heck is that?' The scent that wafts out of the car is so thick, I can lamost see it moving through the air, curlicues and clouds, like a cartoon. It's nutty and sweet and makes me feel warm inside, like I got a big hug. My bad mood instantly evaporates. He laughs and reaches into the backseat to produce a muffin tin, as if he's just pulled it out of the oven, the delicious smell getting even stronger. The muffins are studded with plump raspberries and covered with a crumble that seems to sparkle."
    - a light pink, silicone muffin tin. Inside the book club kit was also the recipe for Sam's Brown-Butter Raspberry Muffins.
  • Page 287
    "My phone goes off again in my pocket, but I fight the urge to pull it out. Instead I force myself to look at the different products on the shelves. There's dried lavender in tall plastic baggies. Something especially fragrant called ras el hanout in glass jars. Next to that are tubs of something that looks like a mix of a beautiful flower and a terrifying bug the color of midnight. I sort of feel like I'm walking through a magical shop in a fantasy novel, and I can get why Sam likes this place so much."
    - a set of four glass jars with wood kilner lid
  • Page 346
    "Instead of waiting here alone, I decide to go check out Theodore's gallery again. It was the first place I went when I got here earlier, but he wasn't there. Still, I almost cried seeing the full scale of his creations. Giant color versions of all the sketches I'd seen him laboring over this year. A girl in a dress of flowers, long locs made out of blooms, and the star of the gallery: Lavon in a simple white tank top, a crow of peonies on his head, each of his features so perfectly realized that I had to fight back the urge to reach out and touch the piece."
    - an 8x10 watercolor print inspired by Theodore's artwork.