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June 2018

images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    The Bird and the Blade by Megan Bannen
  • Page 58
    "I enter the slaves' ger, cast off my deel, and tie a thick strip of muslin around what passes for my breasts."
    - a lightweight, beach cover inspired by Jinghua's deel and a strip of gauze to represent the muslin she used to disguse herself as a boy.
  • Page 321
    "He reaches into his sleeve pocket, pulls out a small portrait, and shows it to me. I take the portrait gingerly into my hands and study it. The girl staring back at me is lusciously beautiful."
    - a custom-designed portrait of Turandokht.
  • Page 400
    "He places a small, finely painted porcelain cup on its polished surface and fills it with steaming tea or rich wine. He sets out offerings of rice and cakes on a pretty saucer. And apples. Always apples."
    - a Chinese style teacup and saucer.


May 2018

images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon
  • Page 47
    "...covered by a short wig of muddy brown hair and topped with a newsboy cap for good measure."
    - a brown newsboy cap.
  • Page 110
    "He unclasped the locket. It took every ounce of considerable self-control to hide his reaction to the portrait within. Dark-gold hair, a dimpled smile..."
    - a custom locket with the portrait inside as described in the novel.
  • Page 204
    "Jack elbowed a path through the cluster of boys and bent to pick up the object...when he stood, he held out a large rock, a piece of folded parchment tied to it with a string."
    - a rock-shaped tealight holder with the folder note wrapped around it.
  • Page 313
    "Olivia stepped up to Monks, dipped her hand into his pocket and extracted the key."
    - a key-shaped keychain.


April 2018

images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  • Page 46
    "I expect to feel some aura in the scroll's presence, yet the air surrounding it remains dead...I push myself, reaching out again with the very ends of my fingertips. When they brush the scroll, I close my eyes. No magic comes forth."
    - a custom designed replica scroll, created from an ancient Ethiopian text.
  • Page 174
    "Though it's a risk, I release my left hand, catching the headdress before it evades my grip."
    - a burnished gold and stone headdress
  • Page 430
    ""Do not worry." I reach into Zelie's leather pack and pull out the sunstone."
    - a faux leather, fringed bag with a sunstone shaped soap bar inside.


March 2018

images by @KMSpedden and @BookStoreFinds

    Time Bomb by Joelle Charbonneau
  • Page 36
    "Mom reached over and adjusted the gauzy, decorative silver-and-black scarf she'd insisted on looping around Cas's neck this morning, then looked toward the road."
    - a black-and-silver, gauzy scarf.
  • Page 180
    "A wallet with money and pictures, a student ID card with a girl's smiling face beaming from it...Then Rashid pulled from her wallet the small, bent picture of her and two friends making stupid faces in a photo booth."
    - a custom designed wallet, a student ID, a photograph.
  • Page 191
    ""What the hell are you doing?" Z asked as she ripped a poster of the Eiffel Tower off a bulletin board and flipped it over."
    - a poster of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Page 258
    ""No, but I'm betting by her bracelet that she knows how to braid things," Frankie said. Diana looked down at her wrist as if surprised that he'd noticed the bracelet."
    - a woven leather bracelet.

    The Tombs by Deborah Schaumberg
  • Page 27
    "I lifed the cord around my neck, absently playing with the trinkets I'd collected over the years. Among them, the gears from my father's menagerie clock..."
    - a multi-toned, statement necklace made out of clock gears.
  • Page 226
    "I pinned my hair the way she used to, as a tear slid down my cheek."
    - a set of two, steampunk-inspired, scissor-shaped hair clips.
  • Page 289
    "In a gloved hand, Spector held a glass vial, glinting in the light."
    - an antique looking vial, filled with vanilla bubble bath 'serum'.
  • Page 422
    "I heard myself screaming, felt myself falling to my knees, and then, the crystal slipped through my fingers."
    - a crystal pendant.


January 2018

images by @LibraryCutie and @PetrichorAndParchment

    Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson
  • Page 67
    "She took a long drink from an Ellingham-branded reusable water bottle."
    - an orange, flexible water bottle.
  • Page 81
    "She yanked it off the shelf, snapped it open, and removed a Schiaparelli makeup compact in the shape of a telephone dial."
    - a mirror compact designed to look like a rotary phone.
  • Page 97
    "Stevie got own on the floor and reached around under the tub. As she pulled her hand back, something scraped against her skin."
    - a unique silver ring.
  • Page 314
    "He picked the dangling earbud back up, and she reinserted it."
    - a pair of white and rose gold accented ear buds.


December 2017

images by @JStepfaniAuthor and @PetrichorAndParchment

    The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily by Laura Creedle
  • Page 23
    "Rosalind was eating out of a bento box filled with brown rice, raw carrots, and seaweed salad."
    - a blue polka-dotted bento box.
  • Page 36
    "I stuck the picture on the bulletin board and collaposed on my bed, empty."
    - a thought bubble shaped corkboard and a custom designed drawing as mentioned in the novel.
  • Page 155
    "Abelard stood in the middle of the room, barefoot. He was wearing different sunglasses than the pair he wore to Dan's."
    - a pair of Ray Ban style sunglasses.
  • Page 300
    "We stood in the entryway, close enough for me to catch the scent of sandalwood, soap, and warmth."
    - a bar of sandlewood scented soap.


November 2017

images by @OnceUponABookClubBox and @TheBookElves

    Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski
  • Page 90
    "She jerked her head toward my pillow, where a thin envelope was resting."
    - a custom designed, scientific pillowcase and a letter.
  • Page 132
    "I twisted the bracelet around my was translucent gray, with what appeared to be a tiny gold microchip embedded in the plastic."
    - a gray bracelet step counter.
  • Page 201
    "Someone had found a deck of cards in the living space - maybe forgotten about, maybe left there on purpose."
    - a deck of custom designed playing cards.
  • Page 335
    "I put Ganesh and the piano key in my PPK, along with the rest of my momentos from home."
    - a custom designed NASA wrist pouch containing the contents of Cassandra's Personal Preference Kit which included a photo of her family, a scrap of paper with Beethoven's Sonata op. 106, her grandmother's Ganesh pendant and a piano key.


October 2017

images by @OnceUponABookClubBox and @CandaceClark22

    Sparked by Helena Echlin and Malena Watrous
  • Page 33
    "...we'd covered the fridge with favorite photos."
    - a set of four small magnets and a photo as described in the novel.
  • Page 164
    "On top was a hardback copy of Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises". It looked like another antique. The cover showed a woman in a one-shouldered dress, leaning back against a tree. I opened it noticing that the paper inside was yellowed, and there was handwriting on the title page."
    - a custom designed book safe as described in the novel.
  • Page 184
    "She was wearing red-and-white striped leg warmers under a pair of cargo shorts..."
    - red-and-white striped leg warmers.
  • Page 274
    "She pulled one of her little pewter cups from the velvet evening clutch."
    - a small cup inside a blue, velvet clutch bag.


September 2017

image by @OnceUponABookClubBox and @CandaceClark22

    Paintbrush by Hannah Bucchin
  • Page 21
    "...her hair in its signature long gray braid, colorful scarves drapped around her shoulders."
    - a large, multicolored bohemian scarf.
  • Page 42
    "I roll my eyes and take a bit of my PB...and J sandwich - delicious homemade bread courtesy of Libby."
    - a tree patterned, insulated lunch bag and a homemade bread recipe card.
  • Page 145
    "He points the flashlight in my direction and flashes it on and off."
    - a green, travel flashlight.
  • Page 290
    "The best part is the lights - delicate strands that blink like fireflies wrapped around every tree trunk and branch on the property."
    - a strand of fairy lights.


August 2017

images by @Spinatale and @PetrichorAndParchment

    Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody
  • Page 95
    "A wooden sign sticks out of the dirt by the entrance...I kick it down. Then I kick it again after it's fallen."
    - a custom wooden 'Gossip Worker' sign.
  • Page 177
    "I pick up a small sack of coins and count them. Fifteen gold pieces."
    - a custom printed pouch with 15 'gold' coins inside.
  • Page 308
    "Hesitantly, I pick up the pocket watch and open it. I remember there being an engraving inside."
    - a pocket watch necklace with a custom engraving as written in the book.
  • Page 376
    "I make my grand entrance, wearing my red sequin mask....I untie the ribbon in the back, let the mask slip off and shove it in my pocket."
    - a red, sequin masquerade mask.


July 2017

images by @Plot_Bunnies and @TheBookElves

    The Hush by Skye Melki-Wegner
  • Page 41
    "A sorcery lamp dripped bluish light through his cell."
    - a blue 'sorcery lamp' that glows blue.
  • Page 95
    "But she nodded and scampered back toward the kitchen, where Susannah kept a small blackboard and chalk at the end of the table."
    - a small chalkboard with twine for hanging.
  • Page 213
    ""What are those?" he said. "Those...tattoos?""
    - a temporary, treble clef tattoo reminiscent of one a character has in the story.
  • Page 282
    "The circular room had the same aroma of honey-smoke, only more intense."
    - a mason jar "The Hush" candle, inspired by the honey-smoke scent.
  • Page 353
    "He tightened his grip on the pistol with one hand, while the other clenched greedily at his pendant."
    - a violin shaped, velvet box with a nautilus shell pendant inside.


June 2017

images by @CaseyRoseReads and @StephanieHWarner

    Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson
  • Page 22
    "When the door opened and a page entered the room, holding a tray with a white card, Ceren nearly closed her eyes..."
    - a pink leaf shaped tray with a white card from the book.
  • Page 130
    "The new queen slumped into a chair, took a sip of the cold chamomile-and-lavender tea...and made a face."
    - a packet of chamomile-and-lavender tea inside a silicone 'teacup' cupcake mold and recipe for a single serving cupcake, stuck in the back of the book.
  • Page 217
    "Ceren grumbled, and Evelayn shook her head as she bent to put on her slippers."
    - a pair of grey lace slipper-socks.
  • Page 257
    ""I have something I need to give you." And then he pulled out the most beautiful ring Evelayn had ever seen."
    - a gold-tone ring with a pink center stone and clear stones surrounding it.


May 2017

images by @BooksCupsandCandles and NovelPairing

    Between Two Skies by Joanne O'Sullivan
  • Page 30
    "Now that we live together, she lets me brush her hair for her at night."
    - a detangling brush.
  • Page 88
    "Without saying a word, I reach up and rip the stupid headband off my head..."
    - a sparkling headband, reminiscent of a tiara.
  • Page 104
    "I see a laminated menu lying on the ground. I pick it up."
    - an 11" laptop sleeve and a custom designed diner menu inspired by the book.
  • Page 236
    "Before I know it, she's gone out to her car, brought in a slow cooker filled with gumbo, and plugged it in."
    - a packet of gumbo mix in a custom designed pouch with cooking instructions.


April 2017

images by @CaseyRoseReads and @NovelPairing

    The Hidden Memory of Objects by Danielle Mages Amato
  • Page 28
    "They were my constant companion: a pair of little gold embroidery shears shaped like a stork."
    - a pair of little gold embroidery shears shaped like a stork.
  • Page 143
    "I reached up to rub Tyler's button, which I still wore on the string around my neck."
    - custom made button necklace.
  • Page 196
    "I dropped my backlae to the floor...and dug until I found my wallet. I pulled out Detective Johnson's business card..."
    - a black and white backpack with a lime green wallet inside, with a custom printed business card in one of the pockets.
  • Page 250
    "He went to his desk and retrieved a pair of gloves, sealed in a clear plastic bag."
    - a pair of sealed black gloves.