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February Adult Hint

We are so pleased to share our February Adult hint - Whisper of Freedom!

A beautiful and moving magical realism debut that follows the trail to freedom alongside four women who possess and display incredible feats of power and strength.

Haiti in the late 1700s.  New Orleans in the mid-1800s.  Cleveland in present day.  Travel to each time of these varying moments in history with the stories of four women who will transport you into their worlds, telling the history of slavery and their journeys to freedom through their contrasting storylines.  Learn how each of these four women connect and how they all impact each other despite living hundreds of years apart.

A novel that weaves together magical realism and historical fiction, discover a tale of bravery and perseverance unlike any other.  A novel that transcends genre, be reminded of the impact of our ancestors and how they shape who we are and who we are meant to be.

A hauntingly beautiful piece of prose with strong female characters, this is a story that resonates with events and prejudices in today's world.  Grabbing you from the very first pages, this is a novel you find yourself being unable to put it down and yet holding it close as you let its words wrap themselves around you and envelop you in their meaning.

Influenced by the legends and magic of New Orleans, this incredible story is one we cannot wait to bring to life through an assortment of powerful gifts inspired by key moments in each of the character's stories.

Sign-ups are open from now through February 14th or until we sell out, so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!

February Young Adult Hint

We are so pleased to announce our February Young Adult hint - The Court of Magic!

In this flawlessly composed fantastical historical fiction, join a princess capable of hiding more secrets than she knows possible, surrounded by the magic of the French court under the reign of Louis XIV.

Hiding her magical talents, the Princess of England accepts an arranged marriage to the younger brother of the Sun King.  She thinks things may work out, despite her many secrets.  Yet she quickly realizes her fiancé prefers the company of men to hers, and court magicians begin to turn up killed by a mysterious sorcerer using forbidden magic.

When an accident forces her to reveal her uniquely powerful gift, she is thrust into dangerous territory as the King enlists her for his greatest undertaking: building the Palace of Versailles.

A well-researched and gorgeously crafted tale of a piece of history often forgotten, this magical tale has not a sentence wasted, breathing life into characters that you will fall in love with and never forget.  Find yourself laughing, rooting for, and raising up our characters as ones you will want to hold near and dear to your heart forever.

Paired with some of our most beautiful and custom gifts to date, we cannot wait to bring this stunning story to life!

Sign-ups are open from now through February 14th or until we sell out, so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!