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December Adult Hint 

We're so pleased to announce our Adult hint for December - Be Yourself!

A laugh-out-loud debut novel for anyone who’s tried to live the perfect life—and learned the hard way there’s no such thing.

Have you ever met women that seem to have it all together and you feel like you’re literally being held together by the peanut butter smeared on your jeans?  If so, this is a book you need to experience!

Trying to find her place in this “perfect” community where the school is ruled by an uptight PTA tyrant. Her house is still full of unpacked boxes, decor that is a far cry from that of the Pinterest famous decorator who owned the home before her. Her husband is working a lot of hours and acting a little oddly which leaves her to wonder what is going on with him while her daughter is inconsolable over the idea of going to school. Things are just not going her way and the town is in the middle of a mystery of its own!

With wit, whimsy, and an artful sleight-of-the-hand turn of more than a few phrases, our debut author crafts a frothy cautionary tale of suburbia on steroids.  This hilarious novel will have you laughing out loud and relating to our main character almost like she's you!

A funny and heartwarming look into a community as well as motherhood, this fast paced read will leave you wanting to know more about the characters long after it's over!  Reminiscent of Sophie Kinsella's adorable writing, we've paired this lighthearted novel with some of the most adorable and unique gifts we've ever created to bring this story to LIFE!

Sign-ups are open from now through December 14th or until we sell out, so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!

December Young Adult Hint

We are so thrilled to announce our December Young Adult hint - Music of the Sea!

Once there was a boy who loved the lighthouse that he cared for.  And then a delightful violinist girl came along, and the two fancied themselves detectives.

In a small village set on the cliffside, inhabitants are used to tourists succumbing to the Sirens' song, the sea creatures who call these remote island shores home.  When they know the dangers that lurk below the surface of the waters, they teach their children to be fearful of the harbor, to wear iron at all times, and to never go into the sea. However, when one of the locals is lured to his death and police rule it the fault of the Sirens, the island's patience with them is tried and the laws protecting the Sirens are reevaluated.

As the lighthouse keeper and violinist embark on proving the innocence of the sea creatures, they slowly begin to realize; if the Sirens are not the ones who killed the boy....the murderer is one of their own.

This thrilling and magical mystery is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entirety of the novel.  The suspense painted through the pages of this powerful debut novel makes it absolutely unputdownable as we follow this haunting tale through the eyes of an incredibly strong and realistically flawed main character as she not only fights for what she loves, but learns just what that could mean losing.

With Sleepy Hollow tingles and caresses of Sparrow curses, paired with songs fluttering through the waves from the dark depths of the unknown, this beautiful and lyrically written tale of filled with folklore and the unknown depths of the ocean will fill the sense of longing you've had since The Wicked Deep. 

This world, these characters, and the mysteries of the waters will speak to your very being as the gifts we've paired with this captivating tale bring this story to life before your very eyes.

Sign-ups are open from now through December 14th or until we sell out, so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!