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Enjoy your monthly hint! Can you guess what's inside?

September Adult Hint

We're so excited to announce our Adult hint for September - Everyone Has a Story!

"Everyone has a story, if you take the time to listen." A novel filled with so much heart and soul it will make you stop and think as the author creates believable characters, instantly putting our hearts in theirs, and making us think twice about the everyday things we ignore.

A single mom struggling with Aspergers and trying to make ends meet while attempting to raise a sweet, determined young boy.  A boy who also struggles with finding his place in life. And a man who lost everything and just walked away.   Burdened with grief and insecurities, they are not living their best lives, but together, these three ordinary people will do an extraordinary thing.

We're thrilled to include this month's novel that is sure to catapult itself into the center of your hearts.   This warm, powerful, and unforgettable novel is about second chances, friendship, and unlikely heroes.  Hands down, one of the best books we have EVER read.

It will bring a tear to your eye and hope in your heart and make you want to embrace everything and everyone you have.  A book we feel that everyone will enjoy, as we've all  felt like an outsider at some point in our lives.  A book that will make you feel you belong.  Ultimately a book about hope, about finding someone who will help and support you, and finding someone who will make you feel that you are worth everything.

Filled with laughter, smiles, abundant happiness and tears, this five star novel and the amazing one-of-a-kind gifts we've paired with it will add another element to the reading experience.

Sign-ups are open from now through September 14th so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!

September Young Adult Hint

We're so excited to announce our Young Adult hint for September - The Underground Library!

In this powerful and perfect-for-readers everywhere novel, a bookworm finds a way to fight back when her school bans dozens of classic and meaningful books by standing up for the words she believes in.

A young woman who loves books so much that she dedicates all her free time to the words on the page is appalled to find some of her favorite classics missing from the shelves of her school library. As she discovers the shady truth of their disappearance, she begins to collect and distribute them 'illegally' out of her locker to represent the messages she believes deserve a place among the students.

Reminiscent of a modern day book thief our main character is challenged by the words she cherishes so much and the writing that shaped her into who she is as those same stories negatively impact someone in a way she never could have imagined.

Combining the themes of Paper Towns and the conflict of Fahrenheit 451, this month's selection will make you fall in love with reading all over again.  Reminding you that reading isn't just about our own journey, but the experiences everyone brings when they open a new story, this flawless pairing of classics and modern storytelling will make you want to rediscover the stories of your past.

Paired with some of our most gorgeous gifts that just happen to be perfectly bookish in order to bring the story to life, this is one for the record books and the bookshelves of book lovers everywhere.

Sign-ups are open from now through September 14th so don't miss your chance at this captivating reading experience!