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September Adult Hint

We're so excited to announce our Adult hint for September - Shipwrecked!

A story complete with espionage, mystery, and romance, set against the backdrop of the sinking of Lusitania, this brilliantly and beautifully written brand new release is one we can not wait for you to experience!

As passengers board the gigantic steam ship, there is gossip of traitors and war in the air.  Some of the passengers are not who they seem, and as the ship goes down we learn who we can and can't trust.  Step back from the present into the early 1900's and experience the glamour, class divides, and the ever-present fear of war. 

Centered on three strong, smart women who only wanted the best for their loved ones, we follow each of the lives of the lavish        southern-belle, the second-class petty thief, and one of the descendants from present day.  

Take part in this modern-day search for what really happened during that voyage. Who will survive the sinking ? Will a long-buried mystery be solved ?  As the Lusitania steams toward its fate, three women work against time to unravel a plot that will change the course of their lives... and history itself.

Featuring five custom-made and unique gifts designed to replicate key moments from the novel, this box will make this who-dun-it mystery a reading experience you'll never want to end!

Sign-ups are open from now through September 14th so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!

September Young Adult Hint

We're so excited to announce our Young Adult hint for September, which is...  The Lumberjill!

Featuring strong, powerful women who take the reigns during World War II to provide for the country they love, this historical fiction read will captivate you with the romance and rich history that kept Scotland going during The Second World War.

Set in the forests of Scotland, follow our main character as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, as she learns to be a strong and independent woman.  This delightful and spunky seventeen-year-old finds herself among the trees and learns there is much more to those around her than meets the eye.

A story filled with friendships and redefining the meaning of sisterhood, this novel will take you back to simpler time where makeup was scarce, work was plentiful, and those we hold closest keep their secrets to themselves.

Through this gorgeously written story of first love, friendship, and the tenacity of the human spirit, discover yourself in the pages of this novel that highlights the beauty in what it means to be a woman, and how to stay true to yourself when love tempts us to become someone else.

Enjoy four custom and uniquely designed gifts (with a few surprises along the way) that bring our first, young adult historical fiction selection into the present in a way you've never experienced!

Sign-ups are open from now through September 14th so don't miss your chance at this captivating reading experience!