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August Adult Hint

We're so excited to announce our Adult hint for August - The Nanny!

One thing is certain: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  From a #1 New York Times bestselling author, Once Upon a Book Club is proud to feature her brand new, highly anticipated novel!  

In this thrilling page-turner full of twists, our main character discovers an ad that seems like a dream!  A live in nanny position with a staggeringly generous salary, in a beautiful Victorian home with all the bells and whistles of the modern age.  But when something happens where a child in her care is murdered, she ends up with the blame.

Swearing she’s not guilty, this book is told in the form of her letters to a lawyer she’s asking to take her case, hoping he’ll see that while she is at fault for some things, the murder was not her crime.

Driven by powerful characters from start to finish, this pulse-pounding novel is a joy to read!  A story that will keep you hooked until the very end, you will absolutely not see the conclusion coming.  A perfect amount of thrill to keep you turning the pages, but not scary enough that you won’t be able to sleep, you do not want to miss this chilling read!

Featuring gifts that are all placed at heart-stopping moments, this month’s box will add an extra element to your reading experience unlike anything you’ve ever read before!

Sign-ups are open from now through August 14th so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!

August Young Adult Hint

We're so excited to announce our Young Adult hint for August - A Whole New World!

A beautifully whimsical story that pays homage to its predecessors, this stunning retelling of Aladdin by an incredible up-and-coming author is one that is not to be missed.

Meet a princess who escapes her home after her father is hypnotized into marrying her off.  A thief who seeks revenge for the death of his little brother. And a Jinni, a mysterious being who is capable of solving all their problems: if only he wanted to help.  

A band of thieves and a splash of magic make up a tale so enchanting you will never want to put this book down.  An array of characters and their backstories are elegantly penned to ensure you fall in love with each as they embark on a journey you don’t want to miss.

A story that emphasizes the power of women and their roles in the world, discover a princess who will not be silenced into complicity and challenges the laws and those who work to keep her down.  Featuring one of the most beautiful covers we’ve ever had the pleasure of including, this is a box you simply must wish for.

Including a selection of gifts that will make you feel as though you are really there, fall in love with this retold classic all over again as this whole new world of magic awaits you.

Sign-ups are open from now through August 14th so don't miss your chance at this captivating reading experience!