Galactic Journeys: Space Adventures for the Young Explorer

A young person wearing a detailed, futuristic helmet, looking determined and ready for space adventures.

We’re taking a leap into the galaxy with space adventures that are guaranteed to propel your tween into the stars. There is something about outer space that fascinates all of us, no matter how old we are. Yes, it's filled with twinkling stars and the promise of unknown worlds. If we’re honest, we’ve all wondered if there is life out there and imagined fantastic worlds and adventures.

When it comes to tweens, space adventures are always appealing. They're not just about escapism; they offer a thrilling journey of discovery and imagination. But before we share some of our favorites, let's look at why space adventures are a firm favorite amongst tweens.

Why Space Adventures Are Great for Tweens

Space adventures captivate tweens for a whole bunch of reasons. This is a time when they are bursting with creativity, and their imaginations know no limits—nothing seems impossible. Exploring unknown worlds, encountering alien species, and discovering futuristic technology will definitely stretch those imagination muscles! 

Space adventures are a great escape from the everyday routine of school and chores. What could be better than being taken to thrilling, far-off places where they can experience high-stakes drama and adventure without leaving their room?

Tweens love the young protagonists who rise to the occasion and overcome all odds. There is something about seeing characters their own age take on huge challenges and save the day. These characters are generally discovering their own strengths and identities, just like our tweens. Whether it’s learning to lead, overcoming fears, or finding your place in the world, these stories often teach valuable life lessons wrapped in thrilling plots.

Another aspect is the theme of friendship and teamwork, and as our tweens are developing their own social skills and forming deeper relationships, this becomes particularly important. We can’t think of any space crew that doesn’t form alliances with aliens, learning that differences don’t matter—it’s what's inside that counts. They fall out, make up, and in the end, camaraderie, cooperation, and loyalty are all that matters.

These tales of bravery, friendship, and mystery will ignite the spark of adventure in every young explorer. Who knows, you may just have fuelled their interest in STEM and have a potential astronaut hanging around your kitchen wondering why there’s no food in the cupboard!

Our favorite Tween Adventures in Space

Here are a few of our favorite galactic journeys and space adventures!

A book subscription box featuring "Trouble in the Stars" by Sarah Prineas, with various themed items including a coloring sheet, bookmarks, and wrapped gifts.

Trouble in the Stars by Sarah Prineas

Plot: Meet Trouble, a shapeshifting alien who’s always on the run. When Trouble stows away on a spaceship, a wild adventure begins. Alongside a ragtag crew, Trouble faces space pirates, bounty hunters, and a looming galactic war.

Why it’s great for tweens: Sarah Prineas crafts a universe teeming with excitement and danger, perfect for kids who crave high-stakes adventure. Trouble’s unique abilities and the diverse crew members offer lessons in acceptance and teamwork, wrapped up in a fast-paced narrative.

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The book cover of "A Problematic Paradox" by Eliot Sappingfield, depicting a colorful and whimsical scene with a girl and various sci-fi elements.

A Problematic Paradox by Eliot Sappingfield

Plot: Nikola Kross is a genius inventor who finds herself entangled in a cosmic conspiracy after her father is abducted by aliens. Enrolled in a school for scientifically gifted kids, Nikola must navigate peculiar classes, alien robots, and inter-dimensional beings to uncover the truth.

Why it’s great for tweens: A Problematic Paradox combines science fiction with a hearty dose of humor and mystery. Nikola’s wit and resilience make her a relatable heroine, while the story’s inventive gadgets and otherworldly creatures will keep your tween on the edge of their seats.

The book cover of "Stowaway" by John David Anderson, showing a young boy looking out from a spaceship window against a backdrop of stars and planets.

Stowaway by John David Anderson

Plot: Embark on a thrilling journey with Leo in this sci-fi adventure. When a rare mineral is discovered on Earth, it attracts aliens eager to trade technology for it—but also sparks a cosmic war. Leo's father, a scientist, decides to flee, but their ship is attacked, and Leo's father is kidnapped. Stranded in space, Leo joins a pirate crew to save his dad, navigating dangerous paths and uncertain alliances.

Why it’s great for tweens: Stowaway is a tale of loyalty, courage, and adventure that is guaranteed to resonate with your tween. Leo's journey is not just about space adventures but also about growing up, making tough decisions, and learning who to trust. This is a thrilling blend of action and emotion, making it a compelling read for any aspiring space traveler.

The book cover of "Lucy and the Rocket Dog" by Will Buckingham, featuring an illustrated girl and her dog standing next to a rocket ship under a starry sky.

Lucy and the Rocket Dog by Will Buckingham

Plot: Lucy, an aspiring astrophysicist, builds a rocket in her backyard in hopes of exploring the thing she loves the most - Space. When Laika, Lucy’s dog, accidentally gets rocketed off into the cosmos, Lucy embarks on a quest to bring Laika home. Your tween will love this heartwarming adventure across time and space.

Why it’s great for tweens: Lucy and the Rocket Dog is a touching story that combines scientific curiosity with the bond between a girl and her dog. This book is perfect when it comes to dreaming big and highlights the importance of perseverance and love brilliantly.

The book cover of "My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich" by Ibi Zoboi, showing a young girl with pigtails sitting on a rooftop, overlooking a cityscape at sunset.

My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich by Ibi Zoboi

Plot: In 1984 Harlem, Ebony-Grace dreams of escaping to space. Her imagination is fueled by her grandfather’s stories of NASA missions. Join Ebony-Grace as she navigates the bustling streets of Harlem. 

Sent to live with her father while her mother handles a family issue, Ebony-Grace brings her love for outer space, nurtured by her grandfather—a pioneering NASA engineer. Despite feeling out of place, Harlem's vibrant culture soon reveals itself to be as thrilling as her beloved sci-fi worlds. By summer's end, Ebony-Grace finds her voice and a place in this new, exciting world.

Why it’s great for tweens: My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich offers a fresh take on the space adventure genre. This heartwarming story blends humor with the challenges of fitting in and self-discovery. Ebony-Grace's imaginative adventures and the historical backdrop of Harlem in the early hip-hop era make this an engaging and relatable story.


For tweens with stars in their eyes and dreams of distant galaxies, these books provide the perfect escape. Each story offers unique adventures and lessons, from the thrill of the chase in the far reaches of space to the heartfelt bonds that keep us grounded. 

So, gear up, young explorers! The universe is vast, and there are countless adventures waiting to be discovered. Happy reading!

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