Creating the Ultimate Reading experience!

Once Upon a Book Club was created by the owner/designer Michelle Wolett of Chick Lit Designs and Once Upon a BookCase. Always being an avid reader, and an entrepreneur, Michelle finds herself inspired by books.

Once Upon a Book Club was dreamed up after recently reading "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah. She found herself in a different world when reading the book and once it was over she immediately became inspired. What if we could create something that makes you feel like you were physically a part of that world? You become so engrossed by your book and then open a package to find an item that was just mentioned in the book. It would feel like the reader is really there! Michelle's mind started brainstorming and she came up with the Once Upon a Book Club.

It not only allows readers to fully integrate into the story but also gives them a "Book Club" community. Where they can log onto Instagram and discuss the book with other members each month. There is something magical about turning words of a book into an actual physical object. It's like bringing the book to life.


Pairing the perfect gift with a special part of each book.

Each box takes months of preparation.  Every detail mentioned in the book is thought over to find the perfect spots to insert a gift.  Subscribers can expect gifts to be anything from the book.  It can be a piece that relates to that particular era, a journal that the character is writing in, a vase that used to hide something.  We search something significant to the story line, to really make the reader feel like they have been pulled in and help tell the story first hand.

The Unboxing Experience...

We want the reader to feel like they are living in the book.  To experience the story first hand.
As the reader finds themselves engrossed in the book, each gift is specifically designed to match what is written.

Is a character hiding valuables from the Nazis? It's important that the reader does not open their gifts until they reach the corresponding page.

We want the reader to open the same tin-can the character hides their items, and pull out a necklace. It's the experience of bringing the book to reality.